Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inspired You

I love this dreamy photo and included in it were a few of my favorite gifts received at Christmas! I've been eagerly waiting for Miss Mustard Seed's book Inspired You to come out and was so thrilled to receive a copy for Christmas!

This book is so me, we are definitely kindred spirits and I found it a light and easy read while inspiring all at the same time. There are a few projects, lots of tips about paining, thoughts about hospitality, living in your home and dreaming big for your home while doing so on a modest budget.

Like many books of this kind, she seems to score amazing free or cheap GREAT items - but as she says, patience is the key to waiting for my turn as well.

I had nearly finished reading this book by the time we pulled into the driveway with over 4,000 new miles on the car in the past month. And, even though our house was a wreck as we descended upon it and the car contents exploded in the living room - I could not wait to get into a project!

On the third day after getting home, I had finished unpacking and jumped in. In a spontaneous moment without children {thanks G for having them at the park!} I ran to Wal-Mart to get a drop cloth. I know you can't imagine, but I didn't have even any scraps left :)

I bought one tiny thing of acrylic craft paint while at Hobby Lobby in Kansas City and nothing else to do this project ~ here's the Faux Grain Sack pillow I made with the MMS tutorial. Love it!

Inspiration abounds and you'll probably hear more about it in the future, but for now - a little dreaming about my Living Room.

* Coffee table, I want something smallish - definitely smaller than the massive trunk I used to have there. And, I'm willing to do something covered as MMS shows in the book - but don't want to spend a bunch on supplies. Free would be ideal :)

* Hoop art for around our new family canvas. I've struggled with this wall since we moved in, but it finally feels right. The bare space to the right is now my project and with a discount code from a friend, I scored this canvas for very little investment! I love it and want to surround it with some special words for our family on hoops. Perhaps a chair in that corner as well? We rarely use that door and it would be a cozy spot to sit and read?

* Some kind of fireplace seating. I'd love a little sette or something to sit in front of the fireplace facing it. I don't want it to be huge or high as I still want it to feel open, but to sort of divide that end of the long room off somehow. It is an idea I've been tossing around for years and it just never seems to leave, still mulling this over.

* Maybe one more smallish wing chair to round out our living room seating and make it feel a little more circular and warm/inviting.

I love how our living room has been taking shape over the past year and a half and it is fun to dream about the future of this room too!

All that to say, I really enjoyed this inspiring and encouraging read! Have any of you read it?


Leanne said...

I love Miss Mustard Seed,too... My husband bought me an old wooden ironing board last weekend! For 12.00! I decorated with small momentos from my childhood, including my first bible, and a rag doll my mom made me long ago. I LOVE it! We have a place in town called Sell It Here...its kind of a huge flea market and craft fair in one building--- I was so inspired by what I saw! My husband said I couldn't go there ALONE! :)
love the pillow!

angie said...

Leanne--I also just got an old ironing board. So far, it is just sitting in my dining room with a table runner on it. Waiting for inspiration to strike!
Monica--I know I will enjoy reading this book and it is on my list to borrow from library or buy. Enjoy the continued inspiration from MMS's book.

LynnMarie said...

Loverly pillow and well done. I look forwarded to "before and After" photos of your living room.

Mrs. K said...

I struggle with our living room so much, it's my favorite room in the house and definitely where we spend the most time but there are 3 doors (one exterior and one a double pocket), two huge windows, a fireplace (in the corner) and a staircase. We move our furniture but just feel so tied down because of the limitations of heat registers and all of the above. It's so fun to fluff our nests.

Rhonda said...

I saw your beautiful toile heart for Valentines back in 2008 and finally made one for my home.
Thank you! I am so happy with it.

Lisar said...

your home is looking just lovely...I love that areas with the glass fronted cabinet with the photo of your lovely family...and thanks for telling us about this book...I definitely will be buying it...as I too have been trying to change the way my home looks...