Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Night: Happy New Year

Here are two fun family night activities we've done recently and I don't have a single photo from either!

First of all, while we were in Kansas City, we'd had lots of family time - but not much with just our little family - so one evening when an opportunity came - we chose to go out as a family. David loves BBQ whenever we head west, so we found a great place to eat and met a lovely family in the process! It was a fun memory and great time.

Last week, we did our New Year's Eve party on Friday night since we'd been traveling on the 31st. I made appetizers, we did a balloon drop, had noisemakers and sparkling grape juice - it was lots of fun. And, it doesn't always occur to me to move things to another night but I'm so glad we did this time.

Have you been doing anything fun as a family lately?

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angie said...

On NYE, we had no special plans, as my hubby had to work that day. So, we each chose one thing we would like to do together, and the four activities gave us a nice blend of fun. They were Wii Just Dance for Kids, latchooking, Charoodles game, and filling out 2012 year in review printables.
Tonight, my son has an away basketball game. That will be our Friday evening, but I hope to do somthing together after we get home. Ah, maybe the tortilla snowflakes I keep forgetting about.