Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coupon Club Gift Card

In continuing my theme of working ahead on gifts for next year, I remembered fun little coupon books my Mom used to make us when we were younger. She always used the same ivory paper stapled together on one side that had been perforated with some sort of sewing notion I'm speculating. At any rate, they were always fun and we are hoping to lessen the "stuff" next Christmas so I thought this would be a fun tradition to revisit in our home.

Also fun was making the little pockets to hold their monthly coupons and of course, making these look cute! I started by picking out scraps of paper that I thought fit the style and/or personality of each child.

To begin, choose your papers and cut squares that are 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. If you are doing one per month as I did, of course, you will need twelve squares per card you want to make.

Cut a little slit at the two bottom corners as shown above.

Fold back the two side flaps like this.

Trim off the pointy corners that stick out.

Fold the bottom edge up to create your pocket.

Repeat for each pocket. Glue onto a piece of card stock using a line of hot glue around the three folded edges.

Now for the fun part - coming up with your coupon ideas! I had a couple of criteria in choosing these:
* not something I do all the time anyway
* not expensive
* not difficult to execute
* definitely something fun and enjoyable!

I tried to choose things I know my children love doing but that I might be reluctant to do on a regular basis.

Here are the coupons included:

January: pick out your favorite treat from the grocery store
February: Tea Party
March: Breakfast in Bed
April: Play a game with Mama
May: Go out for ice cream
June: Go to the beach
July: Go swimming
August: Movie Marathon with snacky's!
September: Camp out in the living room
October: Picnic and Park
November: Go out for breakfast
December: Pick a fun holiday thing to do together

Next, I wrapped up with wax paper and some cute string/twine and on the girls some tiny brads to hold the sides closed. I didn't spend anything to make the cards, but of course a few of the coupons will cost a little bit.


Sally said...

I love this idea! I have done coupons from the children to one another, and to their grandparents (who all live far away) but this is a fresh, new way -- and the presentation is adorable!

You have also reminded me that I need to change my own Blessings Unlimited link on my blog to this new season! (ihave had a baby and am not doing any parties until further notice, but woudl like to keep the lines open, so to speak!)

Thank you for how much you share with us!

Christy Stanton said...

Adorably fun!: ) Thank you for sharing!

Mom said...

These are cute! :) That's fun that you remembered these from childhood (and by the way, how I perforated the coupons was running them under the sewing machine needle without thread).
Love you, Mom

Jo Ann said...

Love the pocket idea for these! And super cute tablecloth!

Stephanie in SC said...

My children have made the coupons for me over the years for Mother's of my favorite things. I have them looking at how their writing and spelling changed throughtout the years.

Jennifer said...

What a cute idea!

Jen N said...

Great idea! I am inspired to work on homemade gifts...not sure how you can make such cute gifts and hold onto them for a whole year!! :-)

Love these posts and slow day posts- thank you for the daily dose of encouragement and lovely, peaceful thoughts.

angie said...

Ah, so the image from yesterday's post that I thought was wrapped cozies was actually these paper pockets. Even if I don't use the pockets for a coupon card, I will tuck that idea away for other gits, such as tucking a gift card inside a greeting card.

I love this coupon club idea so much. I have tried something similar before, but I think the difference is how you designated them by month. So, your kids know not to ask to do all 12 in one week! And by keeping the treat the same for all of your littles, you lessened your stress.

I want to prepare mine in a way so that my kids cannot 'open' the treat until that month begins. Since mine are older, I have to up the WOW factor some (although they still love simple pleasures), and I think each month being a surprise until the first of that month will do that. I am going to start keeping a list of treats they would enjoy over the course of a year.

I have some cardboard shape cutouts on jump rings that I am hoping to use for this project. (I think I may have sent you a gingerbread man?). But there are only 5 shapes on each ring, so I may have to double/triple up the months. Any ideas how this coupon club could work using those?

Danielle said...

Love this idea!!I will definately use this one!

Mary Ann said...

Your littles will love these and the extra time spent with you!

Before we were married I did a "dessert of the month" club for Andy with coupons redeemable for homemade desserts. He loved it! You've inspired me to come up with other coupon ideas--more appropriate for an adult of course. Although he would love a treat from the store--he always asks for one when I go shopping---LOL!!!:-)

And thanks to your mom for sharing how she did the perforation!

Wendi said...

I love this! I am going to start working on one for Megan's birthday.

Season of Life said...

You have the cutest ideas! I love that you created this coupon gift using supplies you had on hand {those are the best!}, using a cleaver presentation {pleasing to the eye} and selected ideas specific to the child...which you don't/wouldn't typically do {a little stretching for momma and a huge blessing for the child!}. Thanks for sharing another great idea...stored in my bank of "must do" activities. ;D