Monday, December 10, 2012

Enjoying the Quiet of Christmas

As I've been looking for photos of things that capture quiet in some form, I thought it would be fun to make a list through photos of ideas to enjoy quiet during this busy and noisy season.

Singing in church yesterday morning, my Mom leaned over and said "Quiet!" ~

"How silently, how silently the wondrous gift was given ..." ~ O Little Town of Bethlehem

And, of course there is Silent Night!

Cultivate a heart of worship and a spirit of worship in our homes.

Go for a nature walk and bring some of God's beauty indoors!

Light a candle.

Create from the gifts God has given.

Take time to enjoy and capture special memories together.

Enjoy all the extra beauty around us this time of year!

Bring joy ~ visit someone who can't get out on their own.

Seize opportunity.

Turn off all the lights except for the Christmas tree and enjoy!

Stay home, snuggle, take a nap.


Take yourself to the bookstore and enjoy inspiration and eye candy.

Read a book.

Enjoy a quiet cup of tea, hot chocolate or other warming goodness.

Enjoy a cozy fire!

Snow = quiet.

Play and sing Christmas Carols together.

Take a quiet walk through an antique store and have fun thinking of the uses for all those interesting and random items! {I liked this vintage folding sewing table but decided it just wasn't a good fit for our house.}

Watch a Christmas movie!

Please leave your ideas in the comments!


Leanne said...

loved all those ideas! thanks, Monica!

angie said...

Singing our own carols definately has a different sound than the constant soundtrack in the stores. Yes, it is, in its own way, quiet.
And snow definately puts a hush on the world. It seems to insulate our surroundings from the sound. We are experiencing many days of rainy weather. I would gladly trade it for some snow.
I appreciated how the Christmas tree was lighting the top of the stable in the 'lights out' picture.
I would add reading our favorite Christmas picture and devotional books to the quiet list.