Monday, November 19, 2012

Open Tabs: Thanksgiving Edition

 Some Thanksgiving inspiration for you & me!

I loved this idea for handing the Thanksgiving Centerpiece responsibilities over to the littles! And, the place cards too - lovely!

7 things to do with your family this Thanksgiving!

I am planning to read this poem: 5 Kernels of Corn by Hezekiah Butterworth

This Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt looks like fun and would be a great opportunity for a walk! After the walk, these turkeys!

I love this free printable collection - you saw glimpses of it on a recent Slow Day post and asked about it. Follow the directions in the post to order a free download, but note that it took my download two or three days to arrive via email.

I have these printed and colored - ready to use!

Aren't these plates and cups cute? I printed the images and laminated them and will attach to a clear plastic plate to make some for free! Smaller images printed can be tied around glasses to add a fun whimsical little bit of decor truly on a dime!

What about this for a tablecloth at the kids table - great idea!

A fun family craft idea for Thanksgiving day perhaps?

Simmering spices to make everything smell like cozy celebrating!

How about one last Fall-ish fun recipe to do with the younger crowd?!

Thanksgiving in the Country - inspiring and uplifting! With an encouraging and challenging video at the end. This is beauty! And, while you are at Ann's - 15 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful!

Gratitude Jar - simple!

I'm planning tart size pies like this {or mason jar lids!} using this recipe and a recently acquired family pecan pie recipe that I will share at some point soon!

Ann also shared 6 Thanksgiving links this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Inspiration!


Wendi said...

You know I love when you post links! I just found out today that I have to plan the crafts for a late Thanksgiving dinner Saturday evening. I hope I can convince each family to do the handprints. So cute!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a wonderful idea. I am going to do this with Joe's boys when we have them this weekend. Because of his schedule we will not have them for Thanksgiving and I have been trying to think of a way we could celebrate. this is perfect!

angie said...

This post chock full of links caused a pinning flurry on my end! I was inspired by so many of the ideas, most of which ended up in a blog hopscotch!
I am hosting the choir boys for Thanksgiving, so some of the turkey crafts were spot on--requiring little prep or crafting skills.