Monday, October 01, 2012

You Knit Me Together Prayer Shower

I have a friend named Charlotte. The first time I met her, I didn't even live here yet and I met her at church when I was visiting with David and we had just gotten engaged. She was expecting her 4th child and I just remember how friendly she was to me and kind.

A couple of years later, she was expecting and we somehow came up with the idea for a Prayer Shower in lieu of a traditional baby shower. It has turned into a lovely tradition and no two are the same!

Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a 4th Prayer Shower for her! This pregnancy has revealed some issues with the baby girl on her way and that made our time together all the more special and meaningful.

It was really on my heart to make our time together very special, sweet, memorable, beautiful, a glowing memory she could hold on to in the days to come. During days which could be very difficult, we just don't know what God has planned. Will He allow little Ellie life? Or will He call her Home?

The first thought that came to me was the verse, "you knit me together in my mother's womb." And, I remembered a sweet shower that another friend shared with me and I've been itching to use the theme in some way.

Balls of yarn became the place cards and were dropped in jars topped with candles. I also "wrote" the baby's name on the table by looping a piece of yarn into shape. It wasn't all my original ideas, but I love how it came together and how when one idea did not work, God just provided a new one.

My friend Melissa was helping me with the food and suggested that I borrow her white Christmas lights to string. Yes! They looked lovely and then I looked up the meaning of the new baby's name: Ellie - light. Definitely, a God-thing!

It was the sweetest evening - God was so gracious to us with lovely weather, sweet friends, a good time of prayer and fellowship and yummy food! What sweet, sweet memories were made.

I had made prayer cards with one request on each card for guests to pray during the shower and then take home to be reminded to pray. And, a prayer mobile for Charlotte's delivery room with her requests and our names on the umbrella which said, "you are covered in prayer."

And, now - just more pictures - enjoy!


Tara said...

Oh's beautiful!!! What a lovely and meaningful shower. I also said a prayer for your friend this morning. Praying all works out for her and the Glory of God. I love the idea of using yarn to spell out the name.

Wendi said...

Lovely... then when you hear the theme and meaning of the shower it is a beautiful thing!

angie said...

I'm amazed at how many times your screened porch has been used to entertain/host/bless/cover in prayer! God will honor your opening of your home.
So many personal and unique touches~ all do-able even for the non-knitter!
Charlotte and Ellie remains on my daily prayer list.

Marie said...

That was beautiful! What a great shower.

Julie said...

love love love this idea!

Anonymous said...

How precious. I have the feeling any shower thrown by you would be meaningful. What a blessing for your friend to have the memories and prayers.

Julian said...

You are so creative! Yes,that patio seems to be used so much for Gods glory! What a great investment! Love all the decor,and theme. Thankyou for sharing!

Katy said...

Absolutely beautiful. What a sweet time you all must have had! :)

Anonymous said...

This is oh-so-lovely, Monica. You always do things so beautifully and give them a spiritual touch.
I pray your friend Charlotte and her little girl Ellie will have a safe delivery.
Do you still have hydraengas blooming? They are gorgeous!

Love you, Grandma

Trace said...

Oh, this was such a beautiful and touching post...I agree with what a previous commentator said about how God will honor your opening your home to others...

You are such an inspiration Monica.


Mikal Qualls said...

this was so special and sooo sweet. so thankful we can enjoy beauty while sharing it with others.

Denise said...

What a lovely shower. I'm sure the mommy was blessed. What a joy to discover Ellie's name means "light." I pray God will illuminate himself through her, magnify his mercy on her family, give them peace, and be glorified through her and them, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

*carrie* said...

Such beautiful ideas, Monica. I love Ellie's sweet name in yarn. Thinking of C's family!