Thursday, October 04, 2012

Days of Beauty: In His Image

 Last year, I wrote about beauty for 31 days straight. Those days call to me and to a place inside me beckoning me to return. I loved every minute of it. Loved seeing beauty come alive before me in the daily-ness of life. The more I wrote about beauty and enjoyed it, the more I saw it!

Beauty has sort of become my life message. The one thing I want to communicate through my life - the need for it, the blessings of it, the way it points to God. It is monumental when you think about it.

Can I possibly have that much more to write about beauty? I don't know - we'll find out. But, I have things to process right now - so here goes day one and we'll see what happens from here.

One morning in August, we were just getting back to school and into our new routines and curriculum choices. Reading Rachel's Bible lesson with her, we were talking about how God created us in His image. We can think and reason and make decisions because we are made in His image.

We talked about how when we look in a mirror, it is our image - not our actual self that is in the mirror. And at some point during these few moments, it hit me. I am creative and a lover of beauty because I am made in His image.

I've frequently thought and even said that enjoying beauty and creating things makes me feel truly alive, truly me. It is worship for me. But, when I had this realization that this was my soul reflecting the image of God it became even more beautiful to me. It is a sweet place to be, feeling closer to God's heart in the act of being true to myself.

The next thought we talked about together was that when we die, our soul goes to Heaven and lives forever. And, it just really thrilled me to know that this beauty-loving part of me never dies. There will be a use for it even in Heaven! The real and true me, my soul will be most at home in God's Presence. Even now, I pray that being myself - and being passionate about that will be a reflection of God's image in me and point others to His love of beauty and creating. After all, He is the One who created beauty! And, who was first creative!

When you are being true to yourself, to the real you that God created - may His image be reflected in all you do. I hope this is a beauty-filled thought to you today.


Unknown said...

I love your thoughts on beauty. I agree completely with you. I am so glad you shared your observation it is a wonderful explanation for why we are so drawn to beauty. :)

angie said...

I read and re-read your statment about what we see in the mirror being simply our image. Yes, I do think there is still much to process on beauty...

elizabeth said...

This post resonated within me. I'm a sensitive soul with a hunger for beauty...and you are so right, my soul is at home in His Presence. He is the Beautful One, Altogether Lovely.