Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Days of Beauty: Beauty Needs Space

If there is one thing I've learned about myself since becoming a mom, it is that when I am starting to near the edge of grouchiness or impatience, I am getting stressed and felling pressure and hurry. While this may sound terribly obvious to many of you, it has taken me some time to figure this out. I just know that I cannot schedule myself too tight {even if I am just trying to get a lot done at home} because I need space in my schedule to breathe to stay a calm and peaceful mama.

It comes as no surprise, then, that beauty cannot flourish in an environment of hurry, worry and anxiety. This is something I've learned even more keenly since beginning Slow Days. When I have a day set aside to slow down, I find opportunities for beauty beckoning and I readily accept and choose those opportunities and have been so blessed in the process.

One Wednesday, I was fixing lunch and remembered Rachel's recent request to take a picnic lunch over to our neighborhood lake. Honestly, I was tired and not sure I wanted to make it happen. But, I just felt a nudging in my heart that it was the right thing to do. I chose beauty. And, I could do that because we had a day (Slow Day!) set aside for just such decisions as this.

Making space for beauty is a great priority to me. It warmed my heart right down to my toes on our walk home from lunch at the lake that Emily {as I mentioned yesterday} was exclaiming about everything in sight. Oh what a beautiful day, oh what a fun lunch, oh how I love you mama, oh, oh, oh! What a treat to be able to encourage her that this is why we have set aside Wednesdays to stay home - so that we have time for things like this.

When we make the space in our schedule and are open to the opportunities, and even looking for them - we will fill our days with beauty. There is beauty purely in the space. And, then if you add in a tea party or a trip to the lake or something like that - it just heightens the beauty in that space. This space truly makes for beauty filled living!

Do you make space for beauty? Would you carve out 15 or 20 minutes today for beauty? Sit and drink a cup of tea, sit on your porch, watch the sunset. I am just betting you'll feel refreshed after even just a few minutes pursuing beauty.

* These photos are from a different spontaneous evening walk visit to the lake.


*carrie* said...

Beautiful! Wish we could've joined you.

angie said...

I am getting better at leaving buffers of time in my days. I realized that my children rarely see me sitting down!
A neighborhood lake is appealing. We looked at Spring Lake development in COS, but it seemed to be a retirement type of community. I think being near water is relaxing and settling.

Mom said...

Lovely -- and Emily's exclaiming is evidence that her heart was full. You are nourishing your young children with food for the soul! :) Love you all, Mom