Friday, September 21, 2012

Family Night: Start a New Tradition

Once again, a week has gone by and I have ideas for Family Night but am lacking the motivation to implement! Daddy had a long week at work and wants a nap so I offer to take littles to leave some quiet at home.

A new tradition is born as we head to Hallmark to pick out their ornaments for this year (hooray for a sale!) and then for Frosty's!

Ok, I have to give some background here. Every year around Christmas, I think about the ornament of the year and how I really want to do a Hallmark ornament. Then, I have sticker shock and decide to just settle for something else which always leaves me feeling disappointed somehow. Last year I really struggled over what to do and struggled with regret. So, when stumbling upon a sale this year and talking to David, we felt it was worth it!

And, what a fun time we had! I am so glad already and it is still September! :) It was a special outing, and sweet new memories were made!

They each chose so well - going with what they love! Samuel: a motorcycle! Rachel: a little furry elephant! Emily: a Barbie in a tweed "fashion-y" suit!

Then across the parking lot for Frosty's - would you believe (yes, you probably would) that my littles asked if I could bring sprinkles to go with?! I brought Christmas sprinkles in my purse and then FORGOT to use them - aaaaack! :) But, we had fun even without sprinkles!

After tacos for dinner, we did play a couple of games including Daddy for Family Night!

Yes, "Life is a Special Occasion!" And, what sweet memories we made celebrating and being together!


Leanne said...

FUN! since my boys have been babies, their grandparents and myself have given them each a special ornament for their own ornament collection someday! this year's ornament is MICKEY MOUSE EARS! when they open them, we get to tell them about their surprise trip (the very next day!) to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!

Mom said...

Fun!! Thanks for sharing these sweet photos of happy little faces -- love to all, Mom/Grammie

Wendi said...

I love it! Megan has been picking out an ornament since she was three. We received the new catalog in the mail recently and she has been pouring over it. Simple, yet meaningful!

Denise said...

How lovely that you DID implement this! You will never regret this precious time with your children. God bless you, as I know HE does, for taking these opportunities!! And thank you for sharing!

angie said...

We also get a new ornament each year, but I have always picked them out or make them for everyone. It is wonderful idea to let each family member choose.
So, Samuel likes motorcycles? My father has always had one, so I enjoy a ride through the country with him once a year.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! We still have the tradition of yearly Hallmark ornaments in our family, and we're all "big kids" (late 30's & 40's)

;) Enjoy!

Andrea L.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a family outing. Now that our adoption is being finalized I want to start this tradition with our children as well. But you're right the sticker shock. Wonder if it is a national sale - maybe we need to do a trip to Hallmark this weekend :0)

Yvonne said...

What a fun tradition and an fun evening out with your kids! Love their smiling faces with their ornaments... :)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing what posts you have and being inspired. Thanks for sharing this special blog. :)