Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Special Lunch!

Mommy-friends have been going together to this lovely lunch spot for years! And, I've only taken my children one other time - I don't think Samuel had ever been. What a treat to be able to bless them with tea cups and real china dishes and a tea pot of lemonade for their very own! Scones and shortbread, fruit and edible flowers - the tinkling of silver and china - all so lovely and special!

It was even a sweet blessing and lesson when we waited over an hour for our food (and the children were so well behaved!) that we ended up receiving our lunch for free! Love stories like that which allow me to point to God and His generous provisions for us! And, which show how we should respond during those times.

They loved it so much we had to re-enact at home on our next Slow Day (which you will see tomorrow) at Mama's Tea Room! I've always admired that wall of jars of tea!


Meems said...

Hey Monica, Love this! Where is this tea room?

angie said...

Lov-e-ly. Your children know how to conduct themselves in these type of situations because you have exposed them to so many environments.
What a tangible reward for your kids' good behavior and gracious response to the long wait.
This reminds me of a tea room that I'd love to take my daughter for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like FUN!! My kind of place!

Love, Grandma/Nana

Mom said...

Lovely! :)