Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Because I Love You ...

... I bake pumpkin bread which tastes delicious and smells fallish and cozy!

We snuggle and read books!

We make play-dough animals together!

Together, we make M&M cookies and then fill jars with milk and take them to enjoy with friends!

I make a heart-shaped cake and frost it with sugary yumminess and lots of sprinkles!

Then, put that cake on a pretty stand with a vintage cover and make a tag for it. Just because...

Ordinary days splashed with beauty, just because I love you!


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...


Here is my mantra:

Cherish the plain and ordinary of Today!


You do this all of the time. And, so well. It's beautiful. Love it!

Anastasia said...

I love it! I am setting out on a journey to show love to others...asking Go for His creative inspiration! Thank u for sharing yours!

Mom said...

Lovely!! What precious memories :)
Love to all, Mom/Grammie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the ordinary moments. I read your blog and come away encouraged and inspired to show love to those in my household! I also enjoy your new "open tab" posts...more great ideas! Thank you for sharing your heart of love for your God and your family!
Jen N

*carrie* said...

awww, so sweet!