Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Night: Proverbs Scavenger Hunt

Before our trip to Colorado, I printed out a bunch of ideas from the Doorposts blog and put them in a notebook hoping to be intentional about re-starting Family Nights around here. Lots of good stuff there!

Anyway, last week when I was preparing for Family Night, I wondered what to do and just pulled out my notebook. I marked two that seemed like they could work for that night and then narrowed it down to one for last week and one for this week.

I chose to do a really fun Proverbs Scavenger Hunt! I handed out the first clue which read, "Wisdom invites us to eat this with her." {Proverbs 9:5 - bread} I had already hidden all the clues and kept a list of where they all were so I could accurately keep track of where we were!

This was great practice for Emily in looking up verses in Proverbs and when we looked up the verse, we would find the answer and they would know where to go look. After the bread, I sent them to thorns, an apple and then a table.

The coffee table in our Den had been supplied with goodies for a fruit pre-dinner picnic! We sat around the table and enjoyed watermelon and grapes while there was lots of excitement about where the next clue could be found!

When we were all done with our fruit, I handed the next clue leading them to a green leaf, bed, light, knives in the silverware drawer and then dinner on the kitchen floor! I had a picnic blanket and the dishes in a bag nearby - so everyone chipped in to set up the picnic! It was fun and different to eat on the kitchen floor! Not a place we usually eat for sure.

After that, they hunted for clues on a door, perfume, cold water and were instructed to go get their pj's on and report back. The final set of clues led them to Mama, a gate, Daddy and "delicious morsels" {M&M cookies!} with a note congratulating them for finding the final clue - cookies and games!

We let each child pick one game to play and ended up playing Uno, Jenga and Hullabaloo. After that it was time for bed! Our scavenger hunt took about an hour and a half and I loved that it had activities interspersed - which helped with making it last longer and enjoying it more. We all agreed that we had such a good time and it was a successful family night {though not conducive to photo taking!!}

Do you have any fun family night ideas to share?


Season of Life said...

What a GREAT family night filled with the Word! Food for the soul and food for the body with much fellowship time as a family while planting seeds of truth in their lives.

I am inspired by your Family Nights Notebook...thanks for always sharing wonderful posts.

Mom said...

Great idea! I don't remember details, but one of the favorite family times we did with you and Carrie had to do with money -- we played the Save & Spend game and talked about managing money. Do you remember more about it? Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a fun activity. I think I may try doing this scavenger hunt with my three! I am so enjoying your blog. I just discovered it recently. Thank you for sharing!

Jenny Lynn said...

Well, that is a great idea and I want to use it on my young ones that are still at home. Our city pool does family night on Monday's...we love to take our children to play in the pool. Then as everyone gets cleaned up we visit with the children in the living room. We try to create as many chance to sit around and talk with our children as we can.

angie said...

My kids love scavenger hunts of any kind. I particularly love this one because it gets them searching in the Word. I would like to try this one soon. Great ideas, Monica!