Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Night: Beach

Confession: I do not like going to the beach.

I know, isn't that awful?! I mean - we live right by the ocean and I hardly ever take my kids. They are going to have more memories of going to the mountains which are 27 hours away than going to the beach which is less than an hour! In my defense, it has been very hard with three so close together and so young to go to the beach and feel safe with three little ones.

And, when I agreed to go with a friend - I was so glad my children would have these memories and I knew I wanted to make it happen. It was much easier this time with the ages of my children being a little older and therefore safer around water! We went in the evening which was also more enjoyable because it wasn't so hot!

It was a fun, enjoyable time. I enjoyed seeing how much my girls especially had fun playing and made some new friends! Samuel is more like me in that it doesn't come naturally to him to love the sand and the water, but he did have pockets of fun as well! And, I enjoyed visiting with my sweet friend Melissa.

David had to work this particular evening, so one very important member of our family was not with us for Family Night. It was a fun way to spend an almost-family-night and to be with friends!

We packed a picnic dinner, a few toys and planned on stopping for ice cream on the way home - which we did! Yum!

The weather looked a little iffy when big black clouds rolled overhead, but a few drops of rain is all we were sprinkled with and no lightening! I so enjoyed the cloudy cooler visit to the beach and not being so hot. And, the dark clouds over the water looked pretty.

In the end, I have to admit that I had really been looking forward throughout the week to going. It was a mostly stay-home week where we went to CC on Tuesday and ran two errands on the way home. But when we got home by about 2 in the afternoon, we did not leave the house again until Friday at 3 to go to the beach!

Earlier in the day, I read a book, took a nap {while Samuel built a huge train track right next to the couch and was chattering up a storm!} and felt so completely at peace and relaxed. I love staying home!!!!! And, had fun looking forward to this outing - my children were SO excited at the idea and promise of a beach visit too!

A day ahead of time, they had their toys packed up, had scouted out the best pails and shovels and were dreaming of sand castles and waves and all the fun they were going to have.

Then, the morning of - they wanted to know how many hours until we left for the beach! They counted down all day. I, on the other hand, though looking forward to it - will admit that it makes me kinda grouchy when there are non-stop questions and wondering how much longer til we leave? Sometimes I'm weary long before the event ever arrives, so I usually don't provide that info very far in advance.

Having a reader in the house has changed that because Emily knows how to read my calendar and announce it to the others in the household. :) I do love their zest for life and I guess I share that it is a struggle for me to manage this to be real and to admit an area of weakness.

Fortunately, my children are not deterred in their quest for fun - they just pressed on in their exuberance and made the most of the time we had. They loved it. And, I must admit - I had a great time too!

To: Emily, Rachel and Samuel
Fun Memories from the Beach:

I love ...
* ... that you were so excited to go
* ... how easily you make new friends

* ... burying your toes in the sand
* ... hearing your giggles and squeals
* ... seeing you enjoy God's creation
* ... watching you dig and drive a tractor and get muddy
* ... not being in a hurry
* ... that you don't give up on fun even when I'm unsure
* ... seeing you enjoy every last drop of ice cream
* ... smiles on little faces
* ... that you honored my rule of not going in deeper than your knees
* ... watching how nicely you played together
* ... that you noticed the beauty of the dark clouds, sea gulls catching fish, rays of sun beaming through the clouds and more - you are little beauty lovers and I adore that in you
* ... seeing you have fun!


Leanne said...

the beach is our favorite! and my husband works for Caterpillar! we have many of those little trucks, like Samuel! he's probably like all the boy craziness at our house!
loved this post!

Christy Stanton said...

Awe I love this, I am like you when it comes to the beach and we live near one also. I think we'll have to take a trip there before Summer ends!;)

*carrie* said...

Thanks for sharing, Monica.

Wonder when my kids will see the ocean for the first time?

Mom said...

Oh, what a lovely post! Not being a natural water-lover myself (I'm a mountain person!), I don't love going in the water at the beach. But I love standing beside the ocean and being amazed (and intimidated!) by its power! I'm so glad the littles had fun anticipating and enjoying your beach outing! Thanks for sharing these photos :) -- love you all, Mom

Mrs. K said...

I am NOT a beach person either. My husband grew up on the coast and when I moved out to be with him my apartment was right across from the beach but I was hardly ever there. Give me a mountain and a lake ANYDAY. My friends always talk about taking cruises and I would like to but I would head north to Alaska :o)

I, too, hardly ever tell my children our plans even though mine are older than yours. It just seems to keep disappointments for changed plans at the last minute at bay. But recently my 11-year old expressed great frustration that I just wake him up and tell him to get ready. He requested that I make him aware of plans the night before, and he made sure to tell me he could handle the disappointment if things didn't work out :o)

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Me either. I don't care for the beach at all, although I must admit your beaches are much cleaner and prettier... which might make going once in a while something to look forward to. ;)

Lovely pics...
Lovely memories and list. ;)

Too funny about that last comment of mine. oops! As I was typing it I was second guessing myself and should have gone back to double check the title of the mag. I just was remembering your blog post title and kept thinking - well maybe she knows something I don't - maybe there really is an artful living mag.
Shows how much I really looked at your photo/details. Sorry.
It's just that I was taken in by your whole moment and was really blessed.

Valerie said...

We are total beach lovers in this house, but sadly are Midwestern natives! It's a 2-day drive to any ocean for us, but we make it a priority to take the children. Mary Catherine has been every year of her life (7!). On the other hand, we are a mere 10-hour drive (hey, Kansas is a huge state!) from the mountains and we hardly ever go. We are taking the kiddos this Christmas, though they don't know it! Staying in Estes, which virtually becomes a ghost town over the Christmas Holiday which is exactly how we like it! We aren't skiers, but we do love to snowshoe, so Rocky Mountain National Park is a perfect winter get-a-way for us!

Blessings, Monica! Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Yvonne said...

I Love the Beach! In fact, we just created a beach backyard retreat. I always find it so relaxing to listen to the ocean waves.

Did you bring baby powder with you? We have found that is a must for getting wet sand off of kids before heading home.

Glad to see you had a great time. Beautiful pictures too!

angie said...

I enjoy the beach, but don't like all of the clean up that ensues after a day there.
My husband loves the beach and would like to retire there. We may reach a compromise by living on the bay side! :)
After many days at home, I'm sure the outing was enjoyable just for the change of scenery and time with dear friends.

~katie~ said...


We took one day out of our trip last week to head to the ocean so our kids could dip their toes in it and see God's amazing creation! It was breathtaking! :) When I get the blog back up, I hope to post a few pics.

Looks like this was a lovely time!! Love all the beautiful photos. I can relate to being with Melissa and having her make the memory a magical time. =) I've been to places with her where I probably would've been anxious otherwise, but her friendship and encouragement were such a blessing and put me at ease! God has gifted her in that!

Blessings to all of you~