Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slow Day

Vacation has a way of slowing us down - in all it headiness. And, the peace it brings gives me reason to pause and consider how I can bottle this slowness and bring it home. I don't mean we've been laying around doing nothing - you can see we've had lots of fun. It is more of a mental slowness and yes, even the physical slowness.

I found myself sitting on the porch just to watch my children play, crocheting a dish rag, reading a book. I began reading my mom's copy of Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth ~ I did not finish the entire book, but read the highlights or things I was especially interested in.

More than the book, was this idea that God was putting in my mind and heart for a  slow day. Not once a year, but once a week - not to cease work, but just to s  l  o  w.

As we get home this week and anticipate getting back into school very soon - I'm doing a lot of thinking about our schedule, meals, how to make this life that we feel called to - work, etc. And, this idea beckons and invites.

To take one day a week to slow the pace. Staying home as much of that day as possible, sitting on the porch, reading books, having tea, slowing. We will still have school and do laundry and need to eat - but we can slow down the other minutes and hours. We can lay on the couch and read books all afternoon if we want to, do puzzles or play games, sit on the porch swing and sip lemonade, etc.

Right now I am inexperienced at how this works, what it looks like during real life. But the idea is real and compelling and I trust from God - so I trust Him to help me make it work. Since we are out on Tuesdays for Classical Conversations, Wednesday will be a good day for us to just hunker down and slow down.

Genesis 33:14,

"So let my lord go on ahead of his servant, while I move along slowly at the pace of the flocks and herds before me and the pace of the children, until I come to my lord in Seir."

Have you ever tried anything like a slow day?


Lauren (in Savannah) said...

I love the idea of slowing down! Most days my mind feels cluttered with too many things. I always seem to need to run out and get an item I forgot or something we ran out of. I haven't been stockpiling lately because my hubby's checks are not the same each week and I don't want to spend too much. So this week had to make a tp run, then needed stamps, and today a prescription ran out that I "thought " was on auto refill. All these little ins and outs of the house make me feel like when I get back home I feel discombobilated and not focused. I did notice when my van broke down and I was grounded and could only walk places I got way more done at home and feel in some ways calmer and the pace was much slower. My friends was freaking at the idea of not having a car but it wasn't that bad.

Heather said...

When I had to go on pregnancy bedrest three weeks ago, it was such a blessing to just sit and watch the kids play on the floor, and to do little projects that I wouldn't ordinarily make time for, like hand-sewing a crown with my daughter for her doll. There were wonderful surprises, too, like finding out my five-year-old can sew on a tiny button by herself! Life is so much richer when we slow down and pay attention to it.

We're slowly starting back with homeschooling, adding one subject a week, and I look forward to hearing about what your family will do for homeschooling this year!

Lanette said...

I put the Amish book on my 'to read' list yesterday... and today another blogger I follow posted this link. THought you'd enjoy the article:

Aimee said...

I think I live a "slow life"! I actually have to make myself pick up the pace sometimes and get out more with my children. Slowness has become my sanity and keeps my peaceful, mindful, and productive in my home. You might enjoy Ann Kroeker's book Not So Fast.

Sheryl Hastings said...

I really love your blog. I like to stop by every now and then. You always have so many neat ideas, great photos, and super adorable children!

Love your hummingbird photo. When my son moved back to Indiana from Houston, he told me that one of the favorite part of his visits here was sitting in front of my living room window (which actually faces my backyard) and watching the hummingbirds come to the feeder. It nearly broke his 23 year old heart when I told him that I'd never have another one.

Two summers ago I was taking it off the hook to add the food and a bee was there and stung me in the eye! Now I'm terrified of them. But I like seeing photos of them!

More than Survival said...

We had a S-L-O-W day yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!! Must continue to make this a top priority in weekly life... figure out what it looks like for our family! :) YOU can do it!!

angie said...

I agree 100%. If I sat down in the middle of the day, my kids would wander if I was sick! The running joke is that the last time I attempted a nap we had an earthquake (true story). this is not how I want my kids to remember me during their childhood!

Anonymous said...

What kind of crochet pattern is in that picture? I like it-it reminds me of a knitting. What is it called?

Monica Wilkinson said...

The crochet pattern is just single crochet all the way down the row, then flip and repeat!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I feel this same prompting, coming again and again to my heart. I know the Lord wants me to take time to "Be Still" and even to set the example of this for my sweet littles (I have four ages 2-8). I feel like it's an impossible, but I suppose it's not if this is the Lord's will, right? How have you been able to work this into your life?