Monday, July 09, 2012

Beauty: Enjoying Summer

What are you doing for summer fun?


Ginger said...

I love the ice cream-around-the-mouth picture of Rachel

*carrie* said...

Cute pix. What is S doing in the top one? I was always intrigued by the Choco Taco. =)

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Cute pics! He looks like he is saying "I can't decide!" My girls have been playing in the kiddie pool and we found these water shooters from dollar tree and they have been "watering" plants-lol

P.S.>>Reading a book that I think you will enjoy called The Family Dinner by Laurie David.

Stephanie in SC said...

Oh Monica,
Your oldest daughter seems to be growing by leaps and bounds! I had to take a second look at one of the pictures to make sure it was her, she looks so grown up!
Enjoy the summer with them..mine are 20,17,15 and I can't believe just won't sink in that they're more 'young adult' than 'children'