Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Beauty Surprises

 I run outside for what I plan to be two minutes to grab some quick pictures of my beads shared yesterday. As I step under the grape arbor and am snapping a few photos - there is a rustling and whoosh over my head as a bird leaves the grape vines.

It is a mama Cardinal and I am instantly hoping there is a nest and that it has eggs in it and that I might be able to get a peek!

I spy the nest directly over my head where there is NO way I could see into the nest. 
Emily brings a stool and it does nothing to get me closer to seeing inside.
So, I go for the ladder.
The poor mama is in the nearby blueberry patch chirping something fierce at me and all the while I am hurrying as I really want a peek and a glimpse of this pure unadulterated beauty that has surprised me on a summer Saturday evening.

Ladder set up, rising up rungs, I catch my breath and there is the beauty that has surprised me.
Three perfect and beautiful eggs snuggled up in a perfect nest.
What a lovely place for a nest Mrs. Cardinal - you have a true eye for beauty!
I scurried down and let Emily climb up to see as well before hurrying in to put the poor dear out of her fear and panic. 

Beauty does surprise us sometimes. 
I wasn't headed outside on a hunt for a nest. Or even looking for beauty - but it found me and it overwhelms my finite mind when I think of all the hidden beauty that no one ever sees.
Yet, it is still His Creation and it praises Him!

I could have just heard the mama bird fly off and seen there was a nest and not embraced the beauty of the moment. Yes, it was more trouble to get out the ladder, I was concerned for worrying the mama and trying to hurry!

But, I let beauty find me today and I followed it for the pure joy of experiencing it.

Will you let beauty find you today?


Tim and Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your surprise with us.

Tim and Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your surprise with us.

Wendi said...

What a lovely surprise! Simple and beautiful. Glad you and Emily were able to enjoy it.

angie said...

It is my son's birthday today, and I plan to etch this first day of teenage-hood into my memory. For now, he is still sleeping~a sure sign of the times.
When we go to the lake, I will take the opportunity to walk around the grounds. So many sights, sounds, and smells to absorb. Beauty abounds...

~katie~ said...

The Lord provided us similar beauty this past weekend at Grandma's! :) We, too, like you, were concerned that the mama birds would be cautious of their little ones, so we didn't linger long taking pictures.

I also see beauty in this post ~ in your descriptiveness of the sounds and sights you experienced as this was captured and of the enthusiasm you display in finding beauty and giving glory to our God!

Beauty indeed! *Psalm 27:4* &hearts:

barbara said...

Thank you for the encouragement to slow down and look for beauty. I don't do this enough and God has created so much beauty for us to enjoy.

Sarah said...

Wow! I don't think I have ever seen cardinal eggs. What I really would LOVE to find is a hummingbird nest!

Anonymous said...

Oh Monica, I've just had a similar experience! Joanie was here last Sat. and we discovered a lot of twigs hanging from my hanging geranium on my balcony. We started to pull the twigs down, but decided there must be a bird's nest in there. The next day, I discovered the mama bird sitting there (I think it's a dove) So when she flew away, I reached up to feel the eggs that were in there. I told your mother about it & she forbid me to climb up and take a picture of the eggs, but I did get a picture of Mama bird sitting on her nest. I so hope I will be here when the babies are hatched, but I'm afraid I will be in Guatemala when it happens. (:

I have never experienced this before (Can you believe that?) so I would really like to be here when it happens!

Thanks for sharing yours!

Love you, Grandma

*carrie* said...

How funny that you and Katie both had nest posts on the same day!