Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun

Continuing with our summer fun list - we had a blast at VBS! Wow, what an amazing program Answers in Genesis has provided for our children! {Flashlight day was especially fun!}

We made blizzards for the First Day of Summer! And, we've also been to the water park! This was a first for us and super fun! {I did not take my good camera, so just a few pix}

Hope you're all continuing to have lots of summer fun! By the time this posts, we'll be in Colorado {Lord willing!} so lots more fun coming up!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you safety> Pray you are nowhere close to the fires>

angie said...

Our VBS finished on Friday. I taught 1/2 grade. They touched my heart--I will never forget the li'l boy who sincerely sung about "Paul and Silence."
As we continue to hear about the CO fires, we will pray that you and your family are far from danger.

Mom said...

Great photos of fun! :)
Love, Mom

Karen said...

So excited that you all loved the AIG program! I'm heading up their VBS from last year: Goldrush, in just a few weeks. I LOVE their "non-fluff" curriculum.

Karen said...

So glad you enjoyed the Answers VBS. I love that their stuff is not "fluff." We're doing their 2011 program in just a few weeks (Goldrush)!