Monday, June 04, 2012

Fabric Rosette Jewelry

I mentioned last week that Grace and I did lots of crafting and it mostly revolved around a jewelry pinboard we'd been compiling over the past months! When describing my accessory habits - you should know that I usually wear the same earrings every day and rotate between about three necklaces. I love bracelets but only have one that pinches - so I have been wanting to do some more accessorizing lately and am now excited about my new jewelry options that we made together!

Today, I'll share some fabric rosette jewelry - there are an abundance of tutorials and posts on this topic on the web. I'm not going to share HOW we did these - but just show my projects! {Ideas inspired by this post.}

The first thing I did was make this cute polka dot rosette - and I planned to make several and swap them in and out on a bracelet - but this one turned out too fluffy so I turned it into a pin!

Next, I made this simple bracelet and then a chunkier one - love each one for different reasons!

All craft supplies came from Michael's and fabric scraps were shared by Grace! :)


Ginger said...

lovely--reminds of of Ilene's Etsy shop

angie said...

I adore these and have seen them priced pretty steeply. Glad to know that they are a relatively easy craft that is no-sew. I would like to make them on headbands for my daughter.

Mom said...

Cute! :)
Love, Mom

Amy @ Heritage Homemaker said...

Oh so cute!

Grace said...

Lovely of coarse! I am loving wearing mine.