Monday, June 18, 2012

Bookworm Party

I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for celebrating summer reading! Our sign up day got moved several times due to sickness and when we were feeling cooped up and tiring of all the laying around and not feeling good - we had to go out for an appointment and decided to stop by the library on the way home.

This party did not go as I had planned - yet, I think fun was still had. I'd hoped to have it outside {raining}, hoped to have more time {phone calls} and hoped to be more relaxed {sickness stresses me and so do messes, see below} and then sweet Emily said what fun she had and thanked me for the effort :)

Flowers from a friends farm, mini water bottles with bookish words on them like summer, fun, story, adventure, book, read, etc... inspired by these.

 We surrounded ourselves with a quilt, pillows and stacks and stacks of library books!

Then, I pulled out Bookworm Dessert! 
Could not be any easier to make - spoon choc pudding into a cup and top with crushed cookies {I used fudge filled so they would not add any white!} and insert a gummy worm!
Containers were found on clearance at Michael's last summer!

We made little bookworms out of construction paper circles I had pre-cut. This gave me the idea.

I surprised each of them with a new book {and bookmark} to *keep* from PaperBackSwap - have you discovered yet how wonderful this resource is? {referral credit anyone?}

Samuel received Old, New, Red, Blue!
Rachel received Little Miss Sunshine!
Emily received Meet Molly!

Another little treat - printable found here.

Of course, we read books! And, had fun drawing from what we'd read! Print this garland here.

Just keeping it real! 
This is how the party area looked when we were done. {sigh}
But, when it's a mess - it usually means fun was had!

Have you signed up for the Summer Reading Program at your library yet?


Flyonthewall said...

Oh, I got a little choked up this morning reading your post... my boys are mostly grown and our summers reading together on a pile of pillows and quilts and the fun little things that go with it have passed. But, thankfully, the memories have not passed. (-: Monica, please continue to embrace and cherish these "little" activities with your children; they fly by too quickly! And, kudos to you for making the extra effort to pull off your special reading party, even when you may have felt like you didn't have the energy to do so.

Anne of G. said...

What a nice idea. I'm from Holland and hope to do this in my classroom. We don't have homeschool here (just a hand full), but we do have free Christian schools. Thanks for this blog and the nice pictures, Annemieke

Anne of G. said...

Thanks for this nice idea. I'm from Holland and hope to do this in my classroom. We don't have homeschoolers here (a handfull) but we do heve free Christian schools. So, I'm a teachter in a Christian school. Thanks for this blogpost and the pictures! Annemieke.

Wendi said...

How fun! Yes mess usually does mean fun. Sigh! Summer reading is underway here. Library day is the highlight of the week!

*carrie* said...

So cute, Monica! I love those little stripey containers.

We of course are signed up at the lib (as we call it!)

How funny that you posted about PBSwap. I was just looking at it over the weekend, but felt overwhelmed at figuring out something new. We'll have to talk about it.

angie said...

We signed up for the same summer reading program at our library today. They even opened it up to adults. I bought 10 books from the perpetual used book sale at my library today. At a quarter each, there is no need to hang onto them after we read them. Thank you for reminding me of PaperBackSwap. I used that service a couple of years ago.
I took note of your pins about a bookworm party on Pinterest. It was fun to watch this come to life.
I wonder how you remember to use containers that you bought a year ago. I buy when I see a good clearance, but don't always remember to use them or have stuff like that stashed in so many places.

Debra said...

We have signed up for our reading program here. We go to the library at least once a week in the summer - it's a place to go that keeps us out of the heat! My daughter is 10 but I think I can gear some of these things to her age - she still loves gummy worms so that should be easy! Thanks for all the ideas.

When it's messy here (which I also hate) it means we're having fun at home! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the fun stuff you do with your kids. I hope if God gives me my own someday that I'll be able to give them the same kind of memories you give your kids. What a blessing!

Tim and Susan said...

Such a fun idea...thanks for sharing.