Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Searching for Quiet: Staying Home

Oh, how God has been reminding me that staying home more is a way to add quiet and peace to our days. To enjoy the sweet gift of being home with my children, having school at home - really having no place we HAVE to go. Now, to put it in practice - I must stay home more!

Photo: sheets hung out to dry and smelling amazing when I lay down to sleep that night!


Tim and Susan said...

Easier said then done, huh?
Wishing you a quiet -Jesus blessed-day at home!

Mom said...

Reminds me of the old Victoria magazine cover which promoted the "pure joy of staying home" -- love it! Love you, Mom

Maggie said...

"Sweet is the smile of home,the mutual look,when hearts are of each other sure." John Keble

Library Girl said...

Yay! staying home is a wonderful thing, and is so helpful in almost all ways. I quite agree, and it is refreshing to hear someone else say so!

Thank you again for your sweet, inspiring blog, Monica. Today our family is going out to a plant nursery to gather together plants for our first Easter garden. I wanted to thank you for passing along this excellent idea. Advent has so many teaching - tools/accessories already built into it, but Lent could use more. The Easter garden is a great idea.

And, back to the topic of staying home - isn't it amazing how the phrase "staying home" conjures up the image of kicking back and eating bonbons, but really, as we homemakers know, staying home means keeping up with all the daily cycles of homemaking that are essential to comfortable living?

May your day be lovely and your homemaking blessed! --Heather

angie said...

I lack discipline in a lot of areas, but this is one exception. I will often go a couple of days with out leaving the house. But, did I mention evenings? Not so much...since our kids' activities occupy nearly every evening.

being molded said...

I so understand the need to be home. My mother had knww surgery a few weeks ago and i've been going ever since with helping her. I am relishing the day I can be home all day. My children are on spring break next week and I've planned absolutely nothing. Looking forward to just being around together.

Wendi said...

I love staying home! I will go days without going anywhere. Some people ask how I do it and if I get bored. No! I have lots to keep me busy and actually never get everything on my list done. When I am away from home to much I find it stressful. I guess you could say I am a homebody!

Sheets fresh off the line are one of my favorite simple pleasures... hmmm.... they sure smell yummy!

Hope you have more stay home days!

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

Staying home more is so peaceful and wonderful. It is a great way for me to refresh and focus on what is important. Have a blessed Easter!