Thursday, April 05, 2012

Searching for Quiet: Finding it in the Midst

In the busy-ness of our day: dentist, eye dr., ballet, a meeting

Quiet in the relaxing of the dentist chair {just a regular cleaning}
Quiet in the listening, the music, the graceful dancing of ballet
Quiet in the dim light and mocha colored walls of a coffee shop on the waterfront with a friend
Quiet in the car alone

Sometimes it isn't possible to clear a day - there are some things that need to be done and they bring noise. I'm learning to look for quiet in the midst ...

Photos: Quiet Beauty around the yard {flowering tree is across the street - beauty!}, maybe this is why I love taking pictures so much? They are quiet ...


Susan said...

It's interesting where we can find quiet. Maybe it's more in our soul than anywhere. Life is noisy whether we like it or not. But if we feel quiet and peaceful inside, it's all we need. Love your posts kiddo!

Annie said...

I love that you're able to find quiet in the dentist's chair. I often comment that I could easily fall asleep when I'm there - especially during a regular cleaning visit, but also when I'm having "work" done.

Thanks so much for this series. The photos are wonderful, and I so need to reminder to look for quiet in this busiest of weeks in my house. (My husband's a pastor.)

Debra said...

I have been know to fall asleep in the dentist chair!

Your photos are beautiful