Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let them be little!

One morning, I decide we need a little fun mixed in! And, something that is always fun is mixing up something sweet and tasty! I remembered No-Bake Cookies from when I was a little girl and did a quick search for the recipe.

The girls were finishing up a bath and getting themselves ready for the day, so I used those few minutes to get all the ingredients out. I split the recipe in half and gave each girl the exact same ingredients to make half a batch each so we would end up with one whole recipe of cookies.

They were over the moon that this was something they could do by themselves! Samuel and I were in the kitchen, but in different roles from the girls! So, they made their cookies and I suggested a tea party outside!

That is a suggestion I don't have to make twice! They love to get the dishes out and make the area lovely and lay out the napkins and tablecloth and then arrange the dishes.

We enjoyed our cookies and tea (water) and the lovely blue sky and fresh air! Being outside is a gift in itself - take advantage of this easy and free blessing that God gave us! We talk about the sounds we hear: birds, a dog barking, an airplane overhead, cars outside the neighborhood passing by.

Emily serenades with a song while I spot a butterfly! Pretty soon ~ Emily is pointing out to us a caterpillar which has joined our party. The girls are all aflutter over this little creature and they go snag a leaf or two in hopes of luring their new friend onto the leaf where they can cart it around on untold journeys around the yard.

The pleading then begins for a jar to put Miss Black (the caterpillar) in ~ so I am off in search of a canning jar and lid with holes poked in it. And, dear Miss Black continues to capture little minds and garner all kinds of attention and care! Rachel was off collecting an umbrella full of nature goodies while Samuel moved his snack to the porch - his chair was the stroller and his table, the porch swing!

This sweet little hour reminds me of the beauty and importance of letting my children play and be children! Let them create little games and songs, let them capture and name a small caterpillar, let them bake cookies and arrange a little tea party all their own.

It is something I have been learning lately when related to school - that following the books and plans are fine for many days - but I need to remember quality over quantity and allow time for them to just be little! Lately, we have had more than usual flexible school days where we allow time to follow a whim like a caterpillar or other created fun. They are learning things in this as well!

Here is the reminder to myself: quality over quantity, less is more,
let them be children, be flexible!


Melissa said...

Sweet post and photos! Looks like a magical time together.

Mom said...

Oh how I love this post and these photos! Precious! Love and miss you all, Mom

Sherie Rowe said...

I so love your beautiful posts. I find your activities an inspiration to spend time with my little one. What a fantastic idea, no bake cookies. We shall have to duplicate it this Saturday!

asnipofgoodness said...

sweet times, that will be gone in a flash, cherish them, drink them in, and remember!

Anonymous said...

Love this post and the precious pictures. Looks like so much fun.

Love you all, Grandma/Nana

Anonymous said...

these are great. My little ones are only 3 and almost 2 but they both already love to cook with mommy. I may have to try this with them changing it up a little for their level but still.