Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Garden

I can't remember exactly how many years ago I first saw this idea on Ann's blog. But, I've wanted to make one every year since then and it just hasn't happened for one reason or another that I can't even remember anymore. But, I am so thankful that we made it happen this year!

I do remember that one hang up for me is what to do with the plants after we're done with them for the Easter lesson. But driving around in the car the day this happened, it came to me to try some herbs and then plant them in the garden and enjoy!

Thyme, lavender and oregano plus a fern and some misty bedding plant. An empty tin can became our tomb and our littles scrounged up a few rocks. I pulled out a small glass jar and we made a little pond and treasure hunted for a couple of good sticks.

I sort of merged two ideas for this garden - the main inspiration and idea were Ann's - but I also incorporated a little bit of this Hill of Calvary idea as well. So, we planted wheat grass on top of our tomb and added a cross

It proved to be a little harder than I thought to take pictures and orchestrate this project - so most of the photos are of the garden rather than the gardeners, but they were involved and interested!

What a beautiful visual for this holy season! I'm so glad we took time to make this happen this year! And, I hope it is a beautiful memory for my children of this special time when we remember God's free gift of His Son, salvation and eternal life to us! The visual parallels are many and the reminders powerful!


peggy said...

how beautiful!

asnipofgoodness said...

Very very cool! I adore the idea of herbs too. Okay so, that quilt/tablecloth or whatever, is REALLY beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! I saw something like that on Pinterest that I wanted to try. I usually grow grass for around Easter but haven't even done that yet this year! If I started today, I could probably pull it off by then....:-)

Victoria said...

So beautiful! I love your idea of using herbs. A wonderful analogy of how Jesus continues to season our lives throughout the year, even after the Easter season!

Susan said...

What a beautiful teaching moment you had. Just awesome! Keep it up Mom, you are doing a great job of teaching your little ones!