Thursday, March 01, 2012

3 Mobiles, 3 States

While a sweet sister waits for her new baby in a hospital room far away ~ I feel stuck about how to encourage, hug and uplift from a distance.

Then, we unexpectedly find ourselves home for a Sunday morning and I have read this and am inspired. {note: I'm really enjoying this new blog!} I spend most of the day painting and praying and sewing ~ beauty feeds my soul, have I mentioned that before?

The rainbow colors just pop out amidst all the neutral in these frames and I love their used look and simple beauty: truly a simple pleasure.

Colors run out and aren't as vivid as I hope ~ but the subtle colors end up being very pretty too. Then, I take a dry brush and spatter some more paint on and I love the grungier look of that. I want to use the colors that infuse peace and calm.

Words are inscribed and stitched with love and prayed both then and now:

Rest in Him

These are the things I'm praying for the hearts of those waiting and caring for those waiting. I make three mobiles all together. One to hang in the hospital, one at our home and one where my parents and niece and nephew are. Three homes in three states, yet our hearts knit together in prayer, love and support under one Lord.

And, yes - beauty to be brought to the hospital home. It is a home for these days and even though it is not as cozy as we would think of a home - it is where hearts we love are living and stories are unfolding.

Something beautiful to gaze on. Truths to cling to. Hope to believe in. Prayer to sustain the soul.


Melissa said...

I just really, really love this! Hoping to make a few of these in the near future.

What a blessing you are to your mom and sister!

Wendi said...

Cute! I have been praying for Carrie. Hope she is hanging in there!

Angelia said...

Nothing more beautiful than God's word brought to life and shared. Lovely. My prayers for sister Cary. Hugs, Angelia in Tx

angie said...

I imagine that these mobiles will continue to connect your extended (across the nation) family. This idea would be neat to send a special greeting to someone afar for any occasion.
Good for you to capture this found time for creating beauty.

~katie~ said...

Love everything about this. Your heart to encourage and help from afar always inspires and challenges me. There may be many miles between all of you, but you are all looking up to the same One who is watching over all!

*Psalm 121:1-2*

Praying mightily for your sis and niece!


*carrie* said...

Such a wonderful gift--we hung it in our window at RMH. Love you!