Tuesday, December 20, 2011

His Body & His Blood

I've had this post and this one open for days wanting to bring life to them in my home and heart. I'm compelled to participate, to worship ~ and our day starts out hard. One isn't feeling well, one is overly tired, one is into things, etc...

This hard feeling hits me that these things, the struggles are a constant reminder of why we need Christmas! Why we need Jesus so much. Why my home needs Jesus. Why my heart needs Jesus.

And, I need Him in two ways - I need His Body. I needed Him to be born as a little baby and come to this earth as a perfect and sinless man. Secondly, I need His Blood. Oh, how I need forgiveness and my sin is a reminder of why. This fallen world is a reminder of why and how very much we all need Him.

Of course, I see other parallels in the bread making - the molding and shaping as He molds and shapes me, the making of beauty out of individual ingredients, the heat and process to become exactly what it is meant to be. And, in the waiting for the rising - it is like waiting for Him to come. I share at lunch that so many were waiting for the Messiah and He came!

We eat fresh-from-the-oven bread and drink sparkly grape juice for lunch and talk about how we need His Body and His Blood. And, the girls get crafty and we visibly remember that we are thankful for His Body and His Blood.

We talk about how He is the Bread of Life. About how we can take the Word and it brings life!

And, while I am not feeling too great before lunch - the nourishment of the bread and juice has revived me in body and spirit. I feel so much better afterwards and I realize, too, that this is exactly how it is before and after Jesus. Not only do we feel better, we are whole.

My girls have been interested in learning more about communion and this seemed like a great way to begin introducing some of the context to them, some of the meaning and especially a good reminder of Christmas and Easter truths that we need every moment.

Thank You, Lord, for this food for both body and soul today. Oh, how I need You.


Katy said...

Beautiful, Monica! Truly, beautiful! :o)

flyonthewall said...

If I were blessed to be at your home that day, I would have written on my piece of construction paper "THANK YOU JESUS....for this dear mother who greatly desires her children to focus on You - and helps me to do so, too!" Thank you, Monica, for this wonderful reminder of what only He could miraculously accomplish through His birth, death, and resurrection! Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh this is really sweet. I just loved the crafts your girls made. You are doing a fantastic job of teaching them the truths about Jesus Christ ;) :)

Last Sunday, one of the kids had a special kids bulletin. The child had written on the back of it "God's Kingdom will last" in that awkward child printing. However, it was the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever seen :) :)

Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

angie said...

The writing/coloring that your children did in response to taking of the bread and juice is so important. To respond to Jesus' command that we think of him each and every time we take the bread and drink the cup. But, that can become so routine that we really gloss over the thinking part. When we intentionally do an activity in response, we do give our minds pause to consider His sacrifice.
Instead of a birthday cake for Jesus, this year we may do just what you have done in your home for your children.
Monica, thank you for sharing your gift.

~katie~ said...

A beautiful post, Monica! I so appreciate all the meaningful parallels and analogies that the Lord lays on your heart and that you share with all of us! It's so refreshing to come here and see Christ in the center of all that takes place!

Amen to all of it ~ oh how I need Jesus! There's power in His blood! Can you imagine that day when we will be able to see our Savior face to face?! What a glorious day that will be!!!!

Blessings to you,

Unknown said...

You have communicated the truth and what communion is about so well here. Keep doing such a wonderful job teaching the children about these very important lessons. Blessings :)