Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kitty Party!

As I mentioned - Emily's birthday was last week. She had requested a kitten party and I began an all-out search for kitten ideas. Boy, was I disappointed! But, then I came across Hello Kitty and decided to mix some of that in for a definite lift in cuteness factor.

We planned her party for Saturday after her birthday over lunch time. But, woke up to a sick Rachel - so we knew we couldn't have it at our house. A last minute switch and calling everyone - and we moved it to a local park.

First, the invitations. I found a Hello Kitty coloring page and used that as a template for her face and hair bow. Simply using construction paper and crayons. Then, I found these cute waxed paper bags in my stash (from Garnish) and packaged them in these:

For the food - we were serving lunch, and there were some special dietary needs - so here is what we served:

Cheese (cut out with Hello Kitty cookie cutters)
Goldfish in a fish bowl
Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches
Turkey sandwiches
Watermelon (cut out with Hello Kitty cookie cutters)
Carrots & Ranch
Pink Lemonade

I'd been planning to make shaped sandwiches - but when we had to move locations at the last minute, this got ditched. I also had bought little stick pretzels which I thought looked like whiskers but forgot them at home. And, I'd planned to serve milk (kittens love it!) but again changed when we went to the park. And, I somehow managed not to get any pix of the food - ack!

I found really cute Hello Kitty napkins and plates at Target. They looked like these.

For cake, we decided to make these cute cake pops. I'm pretty sure I'll never try cake pops again (I confess there were a few tears) and our food color markers were not working on the candy coating - but here was my best attempt. Emily loved them, by the way! I also made cupcakes with soy milk frosting for our dairy-free friends!

Decorating Ideas:
I worked so hard at thinking of cute kitten themed decor and I had fun pulling out a lot of things I already had on hand.

My vision was to have a big jar or basket of yarn balls in the middle of the table with canning jars along either side that each had a goldfish swimming in it. I had a feather boa looped around our chandelier and some paper lanterns to hang.

When moving the party quickly to the park - I grabbed the basket of yarn balls and we did do the goldfish idea which was to be part of their party favor. Sad news - it was cold outside and they all died at the end of the party. We ended up conducting about 10 goldfish funerals and burying them at the park. Not one of my brighter ideas.

Craft Ideas:

I made cute little headbands with felt ears hot glued on and found a black lipstick on the Halloween clearance to draw whiskers and noses on the girls! This was a hit and turned out really cute and fun!

I had also contemplated making Hello Kitty barrettes using something like this. And, had thought of getting white helium balloons and letting the girls draw on the face and hair bow. It was too windy outside to do this and I just decided not to spend the extra money.

We did have a stack of coloring pages for them to color which was fun!

Game Ideas:

My game ideas got totally thrown out because we were at a park instead of our home, but I'll share a few ideas anyway.

I had thought it would be fun to have some sort of yarn chase - I was going to cut one length of yarn for each girl and have them follow it to some kind of prize at the end.

Pin the bow on Hello Kitty: I had made a poster with a Hello Kitty face on it and had little hair bows from a HK coloring page that they were going to color and cut out. Because it was windy - we did not do this at the park.

Mouse game: I had gotten three of those little catnip mice and was going to have a relay for them to get down on all fours and move it with their "paws" - but since we were outside we didn't do this.

I had also thought of doing something with those jingly balls that cats love - but they were kind of pricey, so I skipped that.

Goldfish as mentioned above
I also had a bin with some little Hello Kitty items in it and they each got to pick one thing out of there. Plus, they got the headbands to keep.

Here are a few other pictures from her party:

Cookie Cutters: $9 including shipping
Kitten Ears (felt and headbands): $6/12
Goldfish/Food: less than $6
Mice: $3
Yarn: from my stash
Decorations: from my stash/previous parties
Coloring pages: printed off the web
Plates/Napkins: less than $6
Food: about $20
Total: $56

So, I did not make it to include the gifts in my $50 this year, but I don't always serve a meal and we had more food than usual to purchase for this one.

I have to confess that I was stressed about this party - it was hard to come up with kitten ideas and I did not work ahead as well as I usually do. Then, with the location change and difficulties with cake pops - it was rough. Bless Emily though, she handled everything well and all of her friends were able to come. The bottom line is she had fun and felt celebrated and loved!


Leanne said...

I think your party idea was so cute! my hubby and I didn't grow up having birthday parties...and we don't have them for the boys...we just let them pick out their favorite place to go (Chuck E Cheese) and let them have a blast☺ we also do our cake and presents there...its so much less work and they feel loved and special, anyway...and Mommy has no stress☺
I bet Emily will always remember the effort you went to for her!!

Bonnie said...

Very cute! My soon to be 7 year-old had a hello kitty cake (by me) a few years ago and loved it!
I'm sorry, but I laughed about the gold-fish. And the resulting funeral. It was a great idea, who knew that goldfish- who seem to be able to survive most children- would succumb to chilly weather?

*carrie* said...


Sorry this didn't go as smoothly as you'd hoped, but I'm so glad the girls had a great time. I think the cake pops are darling, and the kitten ears were a neat idea!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Bonnie: You are not the first who has responded this way! Really, getting a good laugh out of it is healthy! :)

Mary Ann said...

I did have to laugh at the goldfish funerals too. :-) This looks like a wonderful party though--you always put so much thought into everything and I know your kids will remember that!

Elise said...

I have to say, that I love that you shared the good, the bad, and the not so cute. Let's not say "the ugly". I think you did such a good job and I love the yarn ball and goldfish in a jar idea. Too bad they didn't make it...
Hope you have a great week!!

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

I am like you and plan parties at home. Although they are more stressful than going out, they are much less expensive and more personal.
It looks like all the children had a great time! My little one turned 6 recently and we did a fall theme. The girls decided to play duck, duck goose for their game time, as opposed to those I picked out.
No big deal, as long as the children have fun!
Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

I've noticed lots of cake pops on the 'net and always think the same thing: they look like they take a ridiculous amount of time and skill to be devoured in one bite! I'd rather put time into something that lasts awhile!

Meems said...

You did a great job on the party! It was too cute!

Agnes said...

I don't think your fish died of the cold. Mine stay when water is frozen on surface! I think it is the water you used. If you did not use a product to remove the bleach, the fish die in a few hours.
I am not sure the mom would have liked a fish either!
Great party!

South Girl in the West said...

Everything turned out so cute. even with your last minute change to outdoors, you pulled off a cute fun party! Congratulations!

angie said...

You made some very quick adjustments, and the party still looks like it was a smashing success.
I admire your undertaking of the cake pops. And I think the finished product was wonderful.
Sorry to hear about the goldfish.
Thanks for your transparent nature. No, all didn't go as planned, but Emily enjoyed her celebration. That is what counts.

Debra said...

Such cute ideas! I really love the goldfish idea. Sorry they didn't make it - we recently lost one too.. Your cake pops were darling! I hear they are hard work so I haven't attempted them. I think you did well to spend $56 - I try to keep the $ amount down also and it seems to get harder as they get older. I have recently stopped serving a meal (unless it's a sleepover) and having my daughter (she's 9) invite fewer kids - last b-day was a sleepover for 5 girls-even w/ a pizza & breakfast I spent way less than I have in the past.

It looks like they all had fun. :)

Jennifer said...

All your ideas are so great! I especially love the one about doing a yarn chase game - very characteristic of kittens :)

Anonymous said...

I'm SO sorry Rachel was sick and you had to change your plans for Emily's party, but I guess it was a blessing that it was on Sat., so David could be home to help out.
It sounds like you did a great job of adapting to your circumstances, but sorry you were so stressed out.
As long as Emily & her friends had a good time, that was the main thing.
I do hope Rachel is feeling better by now. I have been thinking of her and praying a lot for her.

Love you, Grandma

Shelby said...

As always I LOVE your parties even if the goldfish died:( You are a fabulous party planner and I am sure your daughters appreciate that. Looks like fun was had by all. Wish you were closer to me I would have your do my girls parties..

Mom said...

Glad to see these photos of a happy birthday girl and her friends enjoying themselves (oblivious to the challenges you had in preparing this fun time for them!) -- cute kitty-ear headbands and whiskers on each girl! :) (Glad Rachel is feeling better!) Love you, Mom

Cassiescuddles said...

Thanks for the laugh (about the goldfish), they didn't die in vain, lol. It sounded like something that I would do. Glad that Emily had a nice party anyway.

Jthemilker said...

This looks like an AWESOME party! I love the goldfish idea and the headbands and the cakepops were still very cute! Way to go Monica!

Jthemilker said...

the funeral thing did bring on a chuckle... LOL But still an interesting twist and something that won't soon be forgotten.

Greg and Donna said...

The cake pops are adorable! You did a great job. Sorry about the goldfish funeral ~ not a real happy birthday experience.

RT said...

What an amazing party! I bet all the kids had a wonderful time and that Emily is super blessed by her mom's superpowers. :) The cake pops turned out adorably--kudos to you. And the goldfish, so cute and so darn frail, huh? I confess, their deaths made me laugh. I'm glad you shared that part of the story, too.

Anonymous said...

Loved the invitations. So cute! I'm so doing a "Kitty Party" for my little girls next birthday. Too bad about the fish...that was a fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

I love how you posted all of these ideas and it is so easy to follow. My Emily is planning her sixth party (Hello Kitty) and we are using your website for our party. Thank you for sharing your ideas!