Thursday, February 03, 2011

To See Like My Savior: The Diagnosis

Once we have passed through the exam, we begin to expect some feedback from the Physician!

Really, during the exam - we are the ones answering questions, performing certain tasks, etc... and the one conducting the exam may be very quiet - just taking everything in and observing.

But, feedback is what we're really waiting for. Educated opinions about our set of symptoms. Isn't that true in so much of life - feedback is what we often crave? This prompts me to ponder: whose feedback am I seeking? I bet you can guess where this is going!

Think of it this way - when we have a physical symptom of something we may be wondering about - we start looking for feedback...or is this just me?!

I've been known to look symptoms up online, ask friends, etc... but, rarely do I call one who knows - set up the appointment, describe the symptoms, seek professional advice. Why? Because it seems like a small thing or I don't want to be laughed at or incur the extra expense.

Would I really just go ask Joe down at the corner for help when I need someone who knows?

My point is this - I will begin looking so many places for answers - but when it comes to my spiritual sight or any other aspect - who knows me better than my Lord?

Part of my job during the hearing of the diagnosis is to listen. Really listen to what is being shared. I need to be willing to hear the results, to receive and be open to what I hear even if I don't like it.

God is an expert on our nature and hearts - He made them! When He reveals an area to me, I must be open to hearing from Him. To hear His heart for me.

This can be scary - it is an extremely vulnerable place. And, while not every doctor I've encountered has a good bed-side manner, God has that down pat! He is an expert in caring for us, in showing grace and tenderness. We can trust the source and know we won't need a second opinion!

When we submit ourselves to being examined in light of the standard of His Word - we may immediately see where we've fallen short.

Ultimately, this is always our diagnosis isn't it? We've fallen short of God's standard.

Other times, we may notice a theme emerging from studying His Word or He may place a theme in our hearts where we are struggling.

When I am truly submitted to Him, really seeking His heart - I believe He will reveal the root of the problem to me.

As I was working through this study, I recall one night really struggling with fear and the unknown, and again starting to see myself as less than God sees me.

He brought all of this to mind and my next thoughts were - what is God's standard? How does He see me? (This is the exam at work!)

And, then my heart heard - anything that makes me feel captive or in bondage is not God - He brings freedom!

This brought to mind a sign I have in my entry way: By Grace Alone. I really looked at the words, I read the message on the back.


What it really boils down to! I was able to be at peace - after the exam, diagnosis and prescription! And, it is just a quick example of the process - it is not a one time deal, but a way to train myself to respond when I notice the symptoms creeping in.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is - there is freedom."

I feel like I've rabbit-trailed a bit in sharing this - but it is a trail He has led!

And, then I see that it isn't really off the trail at all when I consider this:

When we receive a diagnosis for our symptoms - we are instantly a student. We are learning and this knowledge will serve us again and again. We will remember what the doctor said and maybe seek out more on what he shared. This will begin to shape our thoughts and form a place we can add to and come back to anytime we need it.

As I look back over this lengthy post - I see: grace and freedom from Him cover it all.


Angelia said...

" a way to train myself to respond"

I hear His voice in these graceful words you have written here.... this I have been listening for because I "see" He says to Be ready, prepare yourselves, make your self ready, Get ready<I read in Jeremiah this morning and he said "Get yourself ready".
Training myself to respond is a heart desire. Blessed when reminded this is a process and that I am not called to be ready for one moment but each moment, one at a time. And the training helps the next moment. loved the pictures. Angelia in TX

~katie~ said...

Hi Monica!

I left a really long comment (or tried to leave a comment!) on this post yesterday...I had to enter my password a few times and for some reason it was not taking...thought it finally took and the comment "stuck"...anyway, my apologies that for whatever reason it didn't work!

I don't have time right now to relay everything I said, but I just was thanking you for this wonderful analogy and all the practical and helpful applications coming from it!!

I also mentioned that it reminded me of an analogy our pastor has used in the past ~ about keeping short accounts with God. Your post here reminded me that we need to be going to the doctor/optometrist regularly for check-ups....and keeping things in the right condition, so if there are any problems, they will be a simple (or simpler) fix. If we wait too long until we can no longer try to solve the problem on our own or simply cover up the symptoms, than the problem which more likely be much more difficult to fix!

Also, I loved the part where you said "who knows me better than my Lord"? Yes true! *Exodus 4:11!!* I often try so many times on my own to fix things, when I should seek His wisdom first to bring me to the solution!

Ok, I had more, but that was it in a nutshell.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for this series ~ I needed this reminder!!


Mary said...

Thank you for this post, actually for the whole series of posts.
I have been thinking and dwelling more on God's grace lately. I wrote a post about it earlier this morning (before I sat down to visit here!). I think it is amazing how God uses others to reinforce what He is trying to teach me!