Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you listing thanks yet?

51. The privilege and blessing of teaching at home!

52. Little hands and little minds learning

53. Little girl colors

54. COLOR! God's creative gift to us!

55. A very nippy morning found us schooling in the warmest room of the house (girls room!)
It was so cozy!

56. Freshly bathed and braided hair

57. Little smiles that melt hearts

58. The joy that she is at home here

59. Praise for the health that allows them to grow; she is so tall!

60. Learning hard work and diligence

61. Cozy little friends to snuggle with

62. Little boys who play silly and crazy games!

63. Quilts

64. Pink slippers with pom poms!

65. Sweet little boys

66. Creative playing!

67. Warm sun shining in!

68. A gift of oranges from David's aunt and uncle in Florida (from their trees!)

69. Mmmm ~ the smell!

70. Freshly squeezed orange juice and pancakes for Friday night dinner!


Katy said...

I, too, am making "the list".
Isn't Ann's book such a treasure? :)

Have an absolutely wonderful week monica! xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the visual list as well as your written list! Blessings!

Wendi said...

I am a list maker and a list of thanks is always the best!

~katie~ said...

Thankful for *you* and other kindred spirits! Thankful how the Lord connects in creative ways! Blessings to you today. (Cute pics!)

angie said...

I have not started a gratitude list, although I sometimes include them in with my daily journal entry.
I need to pick up a copy of Ann's book, as my library doesn't have it.
Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures!

Angela said...

My list is up, I also am partcipating in Bloom bookclub for Ann's new book, it is a treasure!


Mary said...

I started a Blessings journal back in November and decided to just continue it. I have looked back over the entris and have been so thankful and refreshed just re-reading them! Isn't God so amazing in His gifts and graces toward us!?

Mom said...

Love the photos accompanying your gratitude list!! :) Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

My Sam was doing the exact creative play yesterday. :)