Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks for joining the fun!

Wow - what a fun day! I've received over 350 comments today! It was so fun to see all of you coming back all day and it was really fun to put all of this together. Thanks to all the companies who generously sponsored these giveaways!

Giveaways are open until 9pm EST tomorrow (Nov. 27) night!


Denise said...

It was fun! I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with others. :)

Dorcas said...

THANK YOU! I know you put lots of effort into doing all these wonderful giveaways. It was fun to enter them and it was also great to find out about other resources and products I hadn't heard of previously. I especially loved the cards for Compassion children and I think my kiddos and I will do that tomorrow.
You are an inspiration and a blessing to many people. I love how you find and create beauty so many different ways. And I dream of being as creative as you "when I grow up"... :) Thanks lots!
God bless you and your family, Dorcas

Davonne said...

It's evident that you put a lot of work into the giveaways. Thank you!

Shannon M said...

Monica - Thank you! This has been so much fun and was a nice diversion from all the shopping talk yesterday!