Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Operation Handmade Shoebox: Note card kits!

This is my last post on creating a handmade shoebox! This one is super easy! Colored cardstock folded to create cards, envelopes and a stamp and ink from the $1 bins at Michael's makes a great card kit for them to create their own note cards!

One thing I've learned through this project of creating a handmade shoebox is that not only is it created with love, it is much cheaper than going out and buying things for my shoebox.

The dolls were made from scraps I had on hand, pillowcase dresses were $1 and these kits were about $2.50 to make. The art kits were also less than $2 to make. So, for just under $5 - we'll be able to give a host of handmade goodies to create a special box. Obviously, I will include some candy treats and toiletry items - but this will be the bulk of our box.

Hope you've been inspired to put a handmade touch into your shoebox this year!


Mary Ann said...

In previous years, I've cut sheets of card stock in half(to fit in shoebox)and then put them in ziplocs with stickers. I usually include glue sticks, scissors and markers so they can create.

I like the card idea! Enjoyed your handmade ideas. I usually make a few things each year but have never tried filling with all handmade!

~katie~ said...

Darling and so very thoughtful! I really enjoyed this series of how to add special personal touches to the OCC boxes. Just imagining all the smiles from the recipients who receive these goodies!! This series has really put meaning to Acts 20:35!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your heart in that!

Elise said...

Monica...I love it that you've included handmade items in your boxes. Seems so much more special and lovely. I'm sure the little girls that receive them will be so happy!!

angie said...

We have plans to pack our shoeboxes tomorrow. The kids are home from school for Veteran's Day. It seems fitting that we should spend the day in service to others.
Last year, my son's teacher took notice that I recycled envelopes from junk mail to send lunch money, book orders, etc. to school. So she sent home a ton of blank envelopes of all sizes and colors that she had extra. When I read your post today, it gave me the inspiration to use those envelopes for card kits. The recipents of your shoeboxes will have so much fun creating.

Anonymous said...

How cool! I like that idea for other gifts. Our Youth Pastor's wife at church loves to create. She would actually like a grown up version of this.

Debra said...

Such a great idea. I am filing it for our shoeboxes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing a box can be filled with homemade items instead of dollar store stuff. From this year on - this is how our boxes will be filled!

I bought cheap flip flops and had a ball creating some snazzy shoes. Praying that they will fit the ladies that will receive these boxes.

Next year I will start earlier and create more items.

Thank you!
Jenny Goldsby