Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fun Day Part Two

After riding the train, we headed to the water to visit a Navy Aircraft Carrier that is parked there. This was a special stop because we had hoped and planned to visit here with David's Dad who served many years in the Navy and was aboard ships that were identical to this one. Some of the ships he was on included The Wasp, The Hornet and The Intrepid. Since it did not work out for us to go together, we decided we should still have the experience of seeing where he spent so much time while in the Navy - aboard ship.

It was so moving to be there! To consider and remember all of those who served on ships like these during World War II. And, of course, those who are still serving our country in the military. It always brings such a pride in my heart to live in a country where we are served like this by these special people who give their lives and careers to serving our country.

The ship was fascinating! It is just mind-boggling to see how huge it is! Wrapping my mind around how such a massive thing can stay afloat is impossible! And, we had fun reminiscing about David's Dad and could just "hear" him in our minds saying certain things. We had fun remembering his stories from aboard ship.

So, here's a bunch of pictures from our day - mostly for my children to remember this visit and their Grandpa who served in this way.

A special thanks to service members past and present!

Just getting on board. David's mom and brother joined us for the day.

There were lots of war posters on display.

Interesting details from around the ship.


I loved this uniformed military Dad helping his son. Sweet moment.

Turn this to steer the ship! Can you imagine?!

Narrow hallways and steep stairways abound.

How'd you like to sleep and clean up here? Me neither - though they do have an educational program that allows students to spend the night aboard ship and eat in the Mess Hall that I think sounds neat!

In the engine area - my mind is boggled that there were men who knew what each of these things represented and knew how to operate the zillions of wheels, knobs, buttons and switches. This is only looking on one direction in a small part of the engine area.

There is also a submarine parked there and we enjoyed the tour of that too! It was much, much smaller and after being on the enormous ship, it felt very compact and very small. Not sure how I would feel about being completely submerged in water out in the middle of the ocean - yikes!

Here's the tiny kitchen on board the submarine - with under the floor storage through the man hole. And, the small dining area.

Tomorrow, I'll show the kitchens, dining areas, a sample menu, a huge mixer and a recipe! David's Dad did a lot with supply and kitchens - so I took extra notice of these things.

Meanwhile, thank a service member today! Or, share in honor of one in the comments!


Ginger said...

M and I went there a couple of years ago---we loved it. It is mindboggling how they could live on that for months on end. My soon to be 83 year old dad served in the Navy at the end of WWII and then joined the Air Force. He retired for me to start kindergarten!

Wendi said...

Lots of fun! We almost went there while on vacation. I am sorry we didn't and will put it on the must list for next time.

Carol @ Pure Sugar said...

Last spring my son's Cub Scout troop went on a trip to the U.S.S. Massachusetts in Fall River, Ma. It was very similar to the ship you visited! It was an overnight and yes - my husband and son slept on bunks that were exactly like the ones you saw! They loved it for one night, but I am sure the thrill would not last long.

Chris Worthy said...

I spent two nights on the Yorktown with my daughter's Girl Scout troop years ago. It was an adventure and I learned so much! You should definitely stay overnight if you get the chance, but take some allergy medicine before you go. I learned that lesson the hard way! :)

Amy O/picketfencemom said...

My husband and I visited this ship last summer when we went on our 20th wedding anniversary to your area. My husband was stationed at the Naval Base nearby that was there years ago...of course it's closed now. He was on a destroyer.
I also visited the area and ship with my family as a child and again when I was in college, but I couldn't believe it had been over 25 years since that vacation. One of my favorite things on the ship was the galley and the huge mixing paddles. Did you see the recipe for all those cookies and the volume of ingredients needed? Wow! And I thought I cooked in volume for our family of 8!!!
I almost hyperventilated on the sub, so I had to get out and wait on my husband to go through it.
Thanks for sharing!
Amy O./picketfencemom

Amy O/picketfencemom said...

Oops...now that I've re-read your post, I see that you ARE going to share about the mixer paddles/recipe in a later post. I'm just getting in too big of a hurry! LOL
Looking forward to more!
Amy O/picketfencemom

Anonymous said...

That all looks familiar to me! We went there last summer. We didn't see the display of war posters, though. I really like those.

After the Yorktown, I was feeling slightly claustrophobic, to I sat outside in the fresh air while my husband and son saw the submarine---I didn't think I could handle it!

barbara said...


Thanks for the 'field trip.' My son loves ships and will be excited to take this tour!


Carrie said...

I've always enjoyed it when we've been able to explore an aircraft carrier or submarine. It's an amazing experience.

I also love WWII posters! So many of the statements are so true even for today - I'd kinda like to see them posted around town again!

Sounds like you all enjoyed a wonderful time out.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Wow, what an awesome day you guys had.


Debra said...

How fun. My dad was in the navy & I used to love when we got to tour the ship.

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

What fun you had! I'm a Navy wife myself, and have such deep appreciation for the work of my husband and his fellow servicemembers. Our family gathered whenever we could on board ship for a meal or an event... it was always such an adventure for the children!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the photos of the ship! My dad was in the navy for 12 years and we loved hearing his stories! His job was to direct the planes that were getting ready to take off. He so wanted to go back to Norfolk, Virginia to see the ships but sadly he passed away 3 years ago from pancreatic cancer and never got the chance. Thank you for showing us the ships!


Angelia said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. I really enjoyed the details I got to see, from your trip. My husband was in the Army the first 6 yrs of our lives together. He will always be a solider in his heart. God bless all our service members. Smiles, Angelia in TX

Pioneer Beauty said...

Great Photos..Love ALL of Our American Flags on Display...My Father served in the Navy as well..being that I was a girl I wasn't able to go on the Tiger Cruise..I wanted to SO BAD..( in those days they didn't allow girls..) but I was able to go on a Family Day Cruise..which was so much fun even though I didn't get to spend much time with my father due to the fact that he was a Navy Corman and he was in the sick bay the whole time with Sea Sick People..So I wander the decks and had my own little Adventure...

*carrie* said...


Just read your post on miltary service and had to tell you about this video I watched via a blog tonight. Very moving! http://aboundingabundance.blogspot.com/2010/09/coming-home-from-ryan-southwell-on.html

Anonymous said...

My dad was on the Hornet too....many years ago! Glad you has such a fun trip!

Crystal in Pahrump