Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Peace Retreat: What's on the wall?

Because you asked what is posted in our Peace Retreat area - I will pass on what was shared with me through a kind blog reader, Molly.

The larger page is a listing of Scriptures mentioning discipline and the benefits of disciplining. Here are the passages I've written out there:

* Colossians 3:20
* Ephesians 6:4
* Proverbs 6:23
* Proverbs 29:15
* Genesis 18:19
* Proverbs 15:5
* Proverbs 15:32
* Hebrews 12:5-6 and 7, 9-11
* Proverbs 23:15-16
* 2 Timothy 3:16-17
* Proverbs 13:24
* Proverbs 4:23
* Proverbs 9:9-10

The smaller "bookmark" looking card is a list of suggested conversation to walk through while disciplining. I do not faithfully go through each of these things - but it is there as a guide and reminder.

* What did you do?
* What does God say about disobedience?
* What did Daddy or Mama tell you would happen if you did that?
* What does Daddy or Mama have to do now?
* Share that even this sin is why Jesus had to die on the cross.
* Discipline.
* What do you need to do now?
- Confess sin to God and ask forgiveness
- Confess sin to person offended and ask forgiveness
* Did God forgive you?
* Did Daddy or Mama forgive you?
* What do you need to do now? God gives us a new opportunity to do right!
* HUG! I love you!

One other thing I have handy that has been a help is Wise Words for Moms. (Thanks, Rebecca!)

I've also been inspired by this and this.


Cheryl said...

what a wonderful thing to have handy when discipline is in order. Your peace wall will remind you to take a deep breath and discipline in the love of the Lord.

Katie said...


I love your utilization and posting of Scripture in your peace retreat!

And I'm so glad you posted the "Wise Words for Moms"! :-) We have that hanging in the nursery at our church and I always thought to myself...that would be a great thing to share on the blog!

Blessings for your day,

Anonymous said...

oooo..... I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this.

My children are older, but you know what they say about the bigger they get the bigger the problems get!

I am blessed with 2 good boys, but there are definitely issues that still come up, especially as they get older and want to assert there independence in the areas of music friends, outings, etc.

The Howe Family said...

What perfect timing! Have just been trying to find a consistent place in our home to discuss these things with our children. Will have to post these verses for us all. I can see how this will be so helpful!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea.Hard to believe a Momma of 7 would have never heard of this.Thank you.And thank you for the links.

Jill said...


I wanted to let you know that your blog is a ministry to me. I have two boys ages 14 and 10, who spend much of the day fighting and bickering between each other. Just last night I was asking God to show me how I can help the boys to not be so angry with one another and to strengthen our relationship with one another. This post is just what I needed today! I am going to get right to work on this.