Monday, January 25, 2010

Create Rest: Peace Retreat

Peace ~

A deep breath follows reading that word or thinking about it. Peace is something I long for, something I seek, something I find when I come to Him!

I've had this post bookmarked for a few months and have thought of numerous ways of bringing this into our home. Creating a peace retreat.

This ended up being the simplest, most obvious solution - yet, it took me the longest to figure out. Isn't that the way it is?

A free chair + a tv tray covered with a small cloth and thrift store lamp + a notebook and carefully selected reading material (prayer material, worship material) = a place that peace can come.

This retreat is tucked in the corner of our bedroom. It has been a retreat to me multiple times already and I am so thankful for it.

A friend calls with a prayer request and I sit down to record her needs in my notebook ... we pray right then. It is a place of peace.

A child is disobedient and peace needs to be restored. We talk, we discipline, we pray together, a hug and a snuggle ~ it is a place of peace.

It is quiet time, my mind and heart are frazzled ~ but, I can come to this place and rest. Read. Refresh. Be still. Be quiet. It is a place of peace.

Littles are tucked in for the night - I long for peace. Pour a cup of tea - the heat of it in itself slows me down, quiets my frenzy, settles my pace. Gathering a book and a treat and it is ministry to my soul and spirit.

My children are playing outside and I want a peace retreat outside - moving a pillow and carrying a quilt with me are the only efforts needed to create a place of peace there. Now, I gently swing, read, hear their sweet voices. It is a place of peace.

Best of all, I can carry this peace in my heart regardless of my location. How do you create peace in your heart and home?


Bonnie said...

Honestly? I go to the upstairs bathroom, where I have a book stashed and sit on the edge of the tub and read. I can still here what's going on and know the littles are okay, but it takes them longer to find me....

Teri Selbher said...

Thank you for such a sweet posting. Peace, to me, comes through a surrender of self which I attempt to do each morning before my little one is up. If I don't lay ME down at the foot of the cross, peace is exchanged for frustration, chaos of heart and mind, and a tired spirit.

Would you be willing to either email me or post on the steps you take w/ your little ones when you are disciplining them? I enlarged one of your pictures and saw you had the steps written out. Oh, I love how you have that right there to guide your words and heart.

Thank again for such a sweet reminder.

Teri Selbher

Cheryl said...

After reading Bonnie's post, I had to laugh because when my kids were little the bathroom was the only place i could get 5 minutes of peace.
Nowadays, I have a chair in our room that I like to read my bible study books or Bible in. I simply tell the kids I will be spending some time with the Lord and close the bedroom door and retreat to my red chair. I need to add a little table and a lamp though. It is by the window, so I only use this during the day when there is daylight.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I am so laughing right now... I was thinking "the bathroom?" and when I clicked into comments I saw the first comment here by Bonnie - and she mentions the bathroom...well, I just had to laugh out loud.

I love the little spot in your bedroom like that. I've started a corner in our room, too... I just need/want to make it more "me friendly"... but maybe if I could just find the Peace and Quiet to do it - the intended corner would "happen". ;)

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

I cuddle up with my puppy on the couch and read, I also like to enjoy a snack and my favorite pjs.

(this is all after tucking in the littles-)

Gardening also gives me peace.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

too funny that the bathroom seems to be the popular place. I think it's because when one is in there, no one else is allowed. Ü

BUT you have inspired me to find and CREATE a special place for me. This is something I am going to pray about and ask God to show me where in my home it can be.

Hattie said...

Hi Monica,
My littles have all grown up. Sweet husband has gone to be with the Lord. But I still have to have "my" place to read, pray, meditate, write letters,etc. I like curling up on my red couch in the sitting room.

I like your little corner. You are a wise, young woman.

Amy said...

May I suggest a medium sized basket with a handle sturdy enough to hold some of your things so that your peaceful place can move with you, especially when the weather warms and more time is spent outside :)

Kendra Fletcher said...

Like-minded :)

Our Peace Place:

angie said...

I seem to have my journal, reading material, and Bible all in different locations throughout the house. I think I need to gather these things in one place.
What is posted on the wall beside your table? I know that it has to be important words of wisdom.

Wendi said...

Great idea! I don't have a specific place of peace inside. Just anywhere I can get a little quiet works.

During the warmer weather I find peace sitting outside on the swing. It doesn't matter if I am reading or just enjoying some down time being outside always makes me feel peaceful.

Kathy said...

I love this idea - I have a corner by my kitchen door that I tend to retreat to...but I should really put some thought into making a spot for peaceful reflection, and not jsut "hiding away" ;)

karen said...

I second Teri's request. Please share your thought on discipline or books you love.

Lauren said...

Lots of talk about the bathroom (lol)but honestly that is where I retreat. I love to fill the bath with warm water and light a scented candle and bring in a hot comforting drink and maybe a snack. I usually bring one of my favorite Amish books or a relaxing magazine and many times I pray. I like the calmness that shutting the world out brings. I do have 2 teens and 2 littles so it may be easier for me to retreat there and not worry than for others with only little ones.

Heather said...

Thanks for this post! I have a small recliner that I have wanted to clear off and create a quiet place to read - it has been a landing place for laundry for the last several months! I finally cleared it off and surrounded myself with some books I am reading, soft lighting, a radio, a candle, and my Rosary beads. It is so peaceful!

melissa said...

I LOVE this idea! I so wish that we had a spot that we could do this. I think the only option would be if I were to get rid of my desk! I will totally ahve to think through how we could incorporate this idea into our home. :)

Anonymous said...

I confess! I also go to the bathroom to read in peace!!! Love this idea though...think I'll work on it this week!

Mary M said...

I'm new to your blog and I swear I can FEEL the peace you write about. How do I find peace? In my stuffed chair, with my afghan, a cup of tea, and my spiritual reading books. I tend to like this time right after the sun goes down, or as it's going down. It brings great light through the sheers.
Thank you for your blog. It's wonderful.
Mary :-)