Friday, August 28, 2009

Linky Linky

I rarely do a post like this - but, I had a few links I wanted to share - here they are:

* I love this skirt! Since I already have the pattern, I've ordered the fabric and plan to make these for my little ladies for Christmas! I'm planning a skirt for myself using this pattern and this fabric!

* Am I the last person in the blogosphere to start reading Pioneer Woman? If you don't read anything else there - you must check out the recipes! Wow! I can't wait until her cookbook comes out this fall!

* This is my new favorite blog ~ I love the quiet, the peacefulness and the focus on our spiritual lives. Definitely worth a visit!

* David gave me a NetFlix subscription for my birthday! The last couple of weeks, I've enjoyed this, this and this. I've ordered soap making supplies as well and that is a project I'm looking forward to doing soon!

* I can hardly wait for Fall ~ from Labor Day through Christmas just has to be my favorite time of year! I'm looking forward to visiting my favorite craft show in a few weeks! Yeah for a trip to Colorado! Looking forward to seeing family, the aspens, feeling some cool Rocky Mountain air and seeing the mountains!

* I received a review copy of this book and am excited to try some things about it and share more with you! The reason I like it is there are plenty of Fall ideas for someone like me who doesn't do Halloween!

* My little ladies seem to have inherited my love of cozy gray days! Yesterday it rained, they got in jammies and requested Christmas music and pancakes. Ahhhhhh, now that is my kind of day!

* This is way out of season, but upon reading through archives here - I discovered this wonderful idea for Easter week ~ definitely an idea to hold onto!


Cheryl said...

Morning Monica!
I rarely do posts like that too, but sometimes I feel inspired and want to share. So, thanks for sharing.
Isn't Ree just so funny? I love reading her blog it's like you are sitting talking to an old friend...and those recipes..oh my, she photographs them so well, sometimes you can almost smell what she is making.

More than Survival said...

I feel instant connection with you with your video selections!! I have the 1940's house RIGHT now from netflix and I have watched Frontier house in the past! Enjoyed your link post!!!

Unknown said...

WOW! Thanks! I can't wait to check out all these neat links!

I really enjoy a holy experience blog too...I just started doing her Multitude Monday posts recently...I LOVE THAT EASTER IDEA!!

Thanks for sharing!
Have a GREAT DAY! :)

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Thanks for all the fun links. I need to learn to sew so I can make skirts like that:)...your little ladies will look so cute in them. And oh I love PW and HE too!That Easter idea is sooo wonderful!

Have a good Friday!

Wendi said...

I enjoyed watching Frontier House when it was airing on PBS. Netflix is a wonderful birthday gift. I love gifts that just keep giving!

Unknown said...

I've been reading PW since the spring. I have also seen those shows you mentioned on PBS when they first came out. I'm glad to see Netflix has them. Another fun one is "good neighbors". A couple in the 70's turns their urban home into a self sufficient homestead! Cute 70's British humor.

Ami said...

I love your links! I don't surf blogs much so I like it when others do it for me. And the flower shirt to go with the skirts are adorable. Can't wait to try that! Thanks for the cheerfulness!

Ruth said...

Thanks for all the great links. I loved looking it all over. The skirts and fabrics you've chosen are beautiful. I can't wait to see the completed projects. I love fall, too. I have wanted to make soap for so long. I've never had the courage to jump in and just try it.


Anonymous said...

Great links! One of my best friends loves Frontier House. I'd never seen it before her recommendation. :o)

Elise said...

I cannot wait to go check out all of your links!! I had to comment because today we are having that perfect rainy/cloudy day and I have been listening to Kenny G Christmas and am crafting!! Perfect, I tell ya!!

Bonnie said...

I love links, they save me so much time!
Boy, I could spend all day drooling over the madeline-marie studio site! So glad they take conservative to a stylish,and reasonably priced level!
Frontier House is one of my favorites! It makes me want to do everything the old fashioned way!
I made need to watch it again soon, and I'm excited to look for 1940's house, that looks like one I would really enjoy.
Thanks for posting these Monica!

*carrie* said...

So funny that we both did link posts today. Love you!

Stacey said...

thanks for some cool links!

I <3 aholyexperience and pioneer woman, too!

Sharon Taylor said...

I also love gray days. I do a lot of my sewing for grandchildren on those days. Love the patterns and the blog--I signed up for subscription. I also printed the Easter garden idea to use with grandchildren later. Thanks so much for sharing. Also, thanks for answering my question about your garden stones.

Ginger said...

Monica, I, too, love the fall more than any other time of year.

THe jammies and Christmas music sounded great. Good thing they didn't ask for a fire, though, in this summer heat!

Colorado for Christmas? This year has gone so fast; it seems like you just shared from last year's trip.

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing all of the great links! Those little girl skirts are too cute. Are you going to make them in the same fabric as you make yours?

joysmallpack said...

Hi Monica! I just finished watching a movie called The Railway Children on Netflix tonight. I LOVED it and I truly think you would love it too! :) Charming, touching, lovely and delightful! Yay for good movies! :)

Jenn said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Frontier House!!!!

Pioneer woman cooks is pretty fantabulous as well!

Unknown said...

I love that same time of year - Fall through Christmas. Just love it! Today was a nice cool fall-like day in NY and it just made very happy. :)

Diana said...

Thanks for posting the craft show. I live in Denver and have looked for a really good one. Hopefully, I can make it this year.

Debbie in PA said...

I enjoyed this post, and was excited to see there is a 1940's House! I saw some of the others in the series and enjoyed them. Tonight my son and I went to the library and picked the 1940s House up--I look forward to viewing it this weekend.