Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mom's Best Chocolate Milk

My mom makes the *best* chocolate milk! I only drink it at her house and when she can make it for me - mmm, it is so good!

Pour a glass about 2/3 full of chocolate milk. Add white milk and two teaspoons or so of sugar and mix to combine! Delicious!!


Blissful & Domestic said...

that sounds so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Things are always better when mom makes them. Like chocolate milk! Or even a sandwich!

*carrie* said...

This is hilarious--I had no idea Mom added stuff to regular chocolate milk! =)

Tabby said...

too funny! I always mix store bought chocolate milk with white milk, in equal parts, just because the chocolate just seems so rich. But I never thought about adding sugar, too! Aren't moms creative?

p.s. you can get a choclate-coffee syrup for a grown-up treat. I get Nestle Ice Java at the big box store :) Just mix with cold milk and enjoy, so yummy!

Sharon said...

Moms make everything better!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...


I didn't know this until this weekend when your Mom & Dad were here. I had bought chololate milk for her because I know she likes it. Then when I saw her adding white milk and sugar, I asked about it & she told me she always does that. (Maybe that's why Emily & Rachel didn't like it when I had it for them at our teaparty this summer!!) Live & learn!

Love you, Grandma

Mom said...

This is my osteoporosis prevention plan! :) Love you, Mom