Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Night: Croquet

I'm behind in sharing what we've done for Family Night - but we've been consistent about sharing that time together!

One week we had a big VBS finale at church ~ the little ladies talked about the water slide all week they were so excited!

One week we were on way home from Iowa and my aunt and I stopped at a gas station and found out where a Chuck E. Cheese was - only a block away! We had a great time playing together and it was a good diversion from being in the car all day!

Another week, we broke out the croquet set and had fun playing together!

What have you been doing with your families lately?


Young Wife said...

Croquet looks like fun. We've been walking in a park near our house.

Leanne said...

my hubby is home from a two week shutdown at work...so we are finishing house projects, church projects, health projects (my surgery), and going to the beach next week! Our VBS had bouncy houses and they TOTALLY loved it!

Anonymous said...

That was one of my favorite games as a child! I love to see families going back to the good ol' days. And the kids look like they were having a blast!


Kendra said...

Chuck E. Cheese's on a road trip: Great idea!