Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Night: Out for Pizza!

I had hoped we were going to the beach for Family Night - but the weather did not cooperate! At the last minute, we decided to go out for pizza!

I don't know about you, but I grew up thinking that going out for dinner was a very special treat! And, I'd like to keep it that way for my children even though I know they eat out more than I did as a child. Once in a while, though, there is something special about going out to eat as a family!

So, for pizza we went!

They had a little arcade room - where we played one game of Ms. Pac Man! When we got home, Daddy got out a driving/crashing game for the Xbox from his single days and we had fun taking turns!

Having fun together is really what Family Night is all about!


Wendi said...

As a child we had a tradition of eating out every Friday evening. It was such a treat that we looked forward to it all week.

Looks like fun outing!

Sharon said...

Fun Monica! What a special evening for the family. The children are sure growing fast :)

Have a blessed day in the Lord!


Katy said...

So sweet and sounds like a lot of fun!!! :) I bet the kids loved it!

Mom said...

Great photos and great fun! Love you, Mom

Unknown said...

FUN, Monica! And I LOVE your skirts that you made! :)

Elise said...

You are absolutely right...going out to eat when I was younger was a treat, too. I know we eat out way too often, and it needs to stop. I would like for it to be a treat kind of thing, instead of a last minute option for dinner.

Angelia in TX said...

Monica and David and your littles,

I thank you for faithfully living out such a rare life style tradition~ Having fun as a family is certainly a relationship builder. I think sometimes fun is missed in life b/c we tend to leave simple fun and try to make it too extravagant (expensive ect) With a teen I am learning that simple fun is still important even if they do not seem to desire it at this time. You encourage me to nurture this deeper in my family and give me this view on an area I want to learn more about. Your sharing and beautiful God intended bond is evident.

Thank U for the blessing, Angelia

Anonymous said...

I can remember at about age 8 we got to have hamburgers and Coke every Saturday night and listen to "The Hit Parade" on the radio. We would try to guess the top ten songs, that is what it was about, and who ever guessed the top one got an extra coke. I never ate at a restaurant until I was 16 and worked in a restaurant. Blessings to your family.

Blissful & Domestic said...

how fun. I love family night!

Leah said...

I was sad not to be able to greet you and Monica and your families when you were here a few weeks ago. Maybe next time!?

Just wanted to pass along a link to a free Ms. Pac Man game that my girls found. =)

Debra said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I just love the picture of your little girl with her dad. It's alot harder these days to keep eating out a 'treat'. Oh, how I love Ms Pac man. :)