Thursday, May 28, 2009

An opportunity to pray ...

Jen alerted me to a special tea she is helping to host today - would you join me in praying for this special outreach? Details here - thanks!


Sharon said...

What a blessing! I am definitely keeping everyone in prayer for this!


Elise said...

I will definitely pray for these women that God loves with an infinite love. I pray that He will reveal Himself to them in a real way and they come to know Him. That would be so cool to be a part of. Makes me feel bad that I hole up in my home okay, while these women basically have nothing. I cannot imagine.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I prayerfully read the narrative of the special tea party. They will all be in my prayers today and tomorrow. May the Holy Spirit enter all the hearts there and bring comfort and strength to each of them. What a wonderful ministry.

Wife of Rob said... was AMAZING. I am still trying to process everything that went on today. Your prayers were heard, and answered. The owner/director for the facility (in her late 70's and an awesome woman of God) sat at my table. Just this morning, her husband led three ladies on campus to the Lord....this was before the tea even got started! Anyhow....catch my blog tomorrow evening, or at least by Saturday. I'll have the full will be blessed, I promise. Thank you again for the prayers. What an awesome afternoon!

Wife of Rob said...

OY MY....and I almost forgot...THANK YOU MONICA FOR POSTING THIS! YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather Messick said...

Here is the page to my update on the tea....sorry I'm just now posting today....I had to go out of town the day after the tea.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart...your prayers will NOT return void.

Your sister in Christ,