Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BFIAR: The last chapter

We are currently reading our last book as part of the Before Five in a Row fun we've been having this year!

I will admit that the past few books, we merely read and talked about at breakfast. I did not plan anything to go with and I think that these books were my least favorite. This made it harder to want to plan fun things and easier to just read them and be satisfied with that.

We've been busy and I've been needing to get things back in shape around the house, so this is just what served us at this time.

The last four books we read were:

I Am An Artist by Pat L. Collins
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack
If Jesus Came To My House by Joan Gale Thomas
Jenny's Surprise Summer by Eugenie

I'm not pleased to say that we ended this way, because it feels like we had so much fun all year and then this was sort of a low ending. But, as I said above - it is what worked for us at this time. Since we are not "official" homeschoolers yet (Emily won't be Kindergarten age until Fall of 2010) I really just want to enjoy this time where we can be a bit more flexible and extend ourselves a little grace!

We have loved doing this series of books and I hope you'll get a chance to read some of them! I think my favorite one might have been My Big Green Pocketbook - but it is so hard to pick a favorite!


Leanne said...

The fact that you did all that while having such young children is a huge accomplishment. I often wonder if you SLEEP! I loved your posts on these topics...You should be proud of what you achieved!

Catherine said...

Good on you for keeping it real. I've really enjoyed all your posts and creative ideas on the other books, Monica. What are your plans now?

I felt the same way about "I am an artist"... not really a concept that hit home with preschoolers!

Wendi said...

You put so much effort into everything. I don't think you should be discouraged because you didn't plan things for the last few books.

Megan will be three this summer. We have decided not to send her to preschool next year. I am considering doing BFIAR. You have made it look so fun!

Cherry said...


Thank you for all the ideas you have shared regarding these books. You inspired me to start planning more fun with my children (two girls aged 4 and 3 and a little 18 month boy). I'm due with my fourth in two weeks and thanks to you I was able to make some wonderful memories before I will be very busy at home. We also enjoyed our "Big Green Pocketbook" outing. I greatly appreciate all of your posts. You encourage me to be a better wife and mother. I think we are very much alike, but you are a few steps ahead of me!

Thanks for sharing your planned adventures and activities. You have such a beautiful family.

Mary said...

I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at all of the photos of your projects. I think it is wonderful that you are working so hard to instill a love of reading and learning in your little ones. It will be such a benefit to them as they grow older.

Angela said...

You may know of this blog already but she does a lot of five in a row, I know she did before 5 too. I love her creativity, she reminds me of you.

You are right, we have been homeschooling going into our 6year this coming school year. We LOVE it, I wouldn't trade it for anything but it is nice to just enjoy those books and life together before you have to rush into academics. Your kids will learn more that way then in other way. Don't beat yourself up, there are so many times I wish I was doing more or regretting what I didn't do but sometimes we are in stages where we can't and thats okay too. Reminding ourselves that we are not super women all the time is okay, and of course giving the Lord our day for him to fill it up with what he wants. Sometimes he will give us great creative moments and sometimes not but that is okay! Our children will still be blessed and so will we just having them home with us!


Trish said...

We've found in our 11 years of homeschooling (yikes!)... there are definite peaks and valleys. Sometimes it's just a season of getting it done and teaching perserverance (for all of us!). The fact that you finished well is something to celebrate. We have 2 1/2 weeks to go and you will definitely hear the "whoop-ees and yahoos" coming from our house when we're done (from ALL of us!).

Tracy said...

Good job getting to the end, and finding all the books!

We ended up doing about half. I am so glad we did! My favorite was The Yellow Ball.

What will you be doing next?

Jen said...

We gave away many early elementary books after Joshua turned 9 and thought that we'd never have any more children - BUT, we kept the FIAR series. I really like them and now that Peter is here (well, ok, he is only one but time flies when you are home schooling), I will have to start thinking about books (my favorite thing) again. Right now he is happy with his board books and that's a good start.
Monica, I can't thank you enough for the Restoring Order challenge you and Rebecca put together, it gives me another Blog accountability to be diligent with the tasks at hand. I like reading your Blog; I’d been reading it for many months but didn't leave any feedbacks as I didn't have a Blog set up. Now I can.
Thank you for your reminder of the BFIAR book. I have to dig it out now.
Have a blessed day!

Jenny said...

I thought the same thing about the last chapter in that book. Overall, it IS filled with great ideas!

Monica@DailyDwelling said...

I have enjoyed your posts on all the wonderful things you have done with your books as well. I also admire you for realizing that it is okay to be more flexible at this point in your homeschooling journey.

Mom said...

I've enjoyed all your posts about this reading program -- I think my favorite was "My Big Green Pocketbook", too. I remember when you let the little ladies call me and I said something to Emily about her green purse, and she said, "Grammie, it's a pocketbook!" :) Love you, Mom

Sarah said...

Monica, I found your blog today while googling "simple homemaking blog," and I love it! I can't wait to read more or your posts.

I was particularly pleased to find your review of BFIAR here; I'm starting it with my 3 and 4 year olds this fall and don't know anybody else who's done it. I didn't do the FIAR series with my oldest when he was in preschool, so I'll be interested to see which ones are favorite books with my little ones!

Happy Mother's Day!