Friday, March 20, 2009

Going on a Bear Hunt & Prayer for a Child

Here's what we've been up to in the BFIAR department!

Going on a Bear Hunt:
* Made these little books.
* Watched the author tell the story!
* I think everything else we did was mentioned in the book.

Prayer for a Child:
* Talked about how bread is made. Watched these videos on milking a cow by hand and by machine. The girls loved this and have asked a couple of times to watch it again!

* Drew pictures for our sponsor child and looked at the globe to understand where we live and where she lives:

* We had fun taking some pictures to sort of recreate the book in Emily and Rachel's own world. I'm planning to put these together for a "book" but haven't finished yet:

* We spent two weeks on this book and the little ladies can just about "read" the whole prayer to me! I love that! We also talked about several things mentioned in the BFIAR book. I loved this sweet book!


Anonymous said...

So happy to see these photos of what you and the littles are up to! Thinking of all of you with love, Mom

Wendi said...

Sweet pictures! Megan was sitting on my lap while I was looking at it. She keep saying "they're praying,they're praying!"

Have a great weekend!

Clorissa said...

Your girls are so sweet. I love the pictures of them praying.

Have a great day!


Ruth said...

Such great ideas. The girls truly seem to be enjoying all of this fun learning.

Heather said...

I showed my girls the video today of Michael Rosen reciting We're Going on a Bear Hunt, as they really like the book. The video was great--they loved it!

Thanks so much for linking to it!

Julie Ball said...

Your girls are so cute! Happy first day of Spring!

Anonymous said...

You do not know me and I hardly ever comment on people's blogs but today I thought I'd send a little something to let you know that I really have been enjoying reading your blog. I have 2 girls (1 is 2 1/2 and 1 is 3 months) and you give me so many great ideas and get my mind turning. I sometimes think that I'm a boring mom and want to do more for my 2 year old, but with a 3 month old, it can sometimes be hard. My daughter loves, loves, loves books, so I'm hoping to use some of your creative ideas.
I appreciate your honesty and humility. Your blog has truly been an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for taking the time to update daily. Lisa from PA

Elise said...

Love the photo of the girls praying!! So sweet the way they hold their hands together.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Me said...


I just love, Love, LOVE those little girls! How beautiful they are, and what a wonderful mama YOU are!

Pamela said...

Thanks so much for sharing what you did with BFIR. I just got it and like seeing how others use it!

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of the girls praying. What a treasure!

Love, Grandma

Michelle @ My Gluten-free Kitchen said...

Love how much you were involving the girls with the sponsor child. We recently started sponsoring a little boy in Ethiopia through a ministry called Look Development.

My boys enjoyed drawing pictures for him for us to send with our initial sponsor letter. I didn't think to pull out a map and show them where Ethiopia is! Great idea! I will do that soon! We have his picture up on our fridge and are trying to pray for him as a family at least once a week.