Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Living with Discipline 3

Why is living with discipline important?

Let's think through some of the benefits of living with discipline and some of the consequences of living without it.

Just because I like to get the negative stuff out of the way - let's start with some consequences.
* disorder
* an imbalance to our lives
* not pleasing to God
* does not set a good example
* living without discipline is not good for us or for those we love around us
* shows a lack of self-control
* brings chaos

How about some benefits of living with discipline:
* restores order
* brings balance
* when gone about in the right way can bring honor to God
* can set a good and positive example
* requires self-control
* brings peace

As with all things - if we take discipline to the extreme we have created many of the same problems as living without discipline. We've all heard the saying, "everything in moderation" ~ we must learn to live in a place of balance.

I love M&M's - too many of them is not a good thing anymore whereas a few here and there are enjoyable and not harmful.

Remember when you were young and there were certain things that were a really special treat for you to have or do? If someone were to give you as much of that thing or experience as they could it would not be special any more would it? This is what balance is like - enjoying but not overdoing, keeping the happy medium alive.

Ok, so some words that are jumping out at me so far are moderation and balance. What is jumping out to you? Any other thoughts on consequences and benefits of living with discipline?


Bonnie said...

I think another benefit of living with discipline is that you are teaching your children to do the same. They are learning by your example, and that will help them as they go on in life, applying the principles they've learned and seen you act out everyday.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly my husband and i were just talking about this, this morning. Discipline in my thoughts i think is where i need to start. Taking every thought captive and my actions will be disciplined from there. NOT an easy thing to do!!!! In my quiet time, chores, eating, spending,entertainment,relationships, habits, talking, exercise...In all i do, in order to do all to the glory of God requires disciple. What a wonder filled thought for me, so much work ahead of me :-). Thanks Monica for leading us in these good thoughts.tammyp

Anonymous said...

We often seem to be in the same place in our journey, Monica! Loved reading this blog post and thought you would enjoy it too: How do you do it all?

Linda said...

I'd have to go with Bonnie ;) It's SO important to show your children that you have the discipline you will eventually desire from them as well..

Plus you will save yourself a LOT of work if you 'keep up' with everything, instead of having to clean / organize / take care of something that has gotten out of hand.. ask me how I know, hehe ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!

Jenny said...

The part of discipline I struggle with is CONSISTENCY. I can be so diligent and disciplined one day and then get totally lazy the next. It drives me crazy! I'm so glad you're doing this series.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%! My lack of discipline in many areas in my life has brought about chaos, discontentment, disorder, & has severely taken away from my family.


1. Too much computer time which takes away from an orderly house, time with my children, & time with the Lord.

2. Cheating on our budget every week by borrowing from other envelopes and never paying them back, I have robbed my family of things we could have had, money that could have been saved, & debt that could have been better reduced. A wonderful mom from my homeschool co-op said to me last night when I told her about this, "how can you do that to your family?". WOW! All this time I'd been thinking, "How can I keep doing this to MYSELF". Woops. It wasn't just me I was hurting, it was my whole family!

What a wake-up call!

Thank you for the time you are putting into your blog and the ministry you have here!

More than Survival said...

It all jumps out!!! God is WORKING in me with this!!!!!!!!! I find it SO EASY to get sucked in to activities that are just not TOP priorities... then everything else falls apart!!! YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Balance was what first jumped out at me when I read your first "Living with Discipline" it has lead me on a journey of self evaluation. Also has me praying about how to bring balance into my life. Where am I "eating to many M&M's" in my life.

Debra said...

Great post. I like what you said about setting a good example. I find this important now that I have a child. This post came at a good time as I feel like I am lacking in discipline right now. I know it will come back soon - hopefully really soon, before the chaos sets in. I think a disciplined life really keeps the chaos at bay.

MrsCoach said...

I think the biggest motivator of discipline (in all aspects of our life...not just for children's behavior) is setting the example for my children. Like you said, too much of something has it's consequences. This flows into many areas of your life, especially when you get older. I am disciplined in how we run our, for example, to set the stage for my children later in life. They deserve a clean, organized home, and they need to learn how that is achieved and how to be "disciplined" to do it. When you are lax in your chores, chaos ensues, unorganization is the consequence, and there is no order. No one likes that. So...well said. You have some excellent points and we're all on the right track!

Me said...


Moderation in all things spoke loudly and clearly to me. This is not something that I have ever been very good at. I tend to go whole hog. My mom has always been right down the middle of the road and is very disciplined in all things. My dad, on the other hand, tends to over do. Mom is very healthy at 65; dad is not so much. Mom is such a great example to me in this area.

Because of your post on this a week or two ago, I have been thinking about discipline in my own life and how I can improve. Thank you, Monica. :0) You are such a great example.