Friday, August 15, 2008


I came home with lots of goodies from loved ones - thank you! Among those are a few that stand out:
Vintage Alphabet Cards and Chalkboard found at a thrift store!

My great-great-grandmothers mixing bowl and egg beater! Four generations before me and still going strong! Here, my french toast dipping mixture was the best I've ever made with no clumps of egg white sticking to my bread.

A quilt made by my great-great-grandmother!

A copy of a candy making cookbook. I'm not sure I got the story straight - I think someone in our family used to make these candies and sell them, is that right, Mom? Anyway, it is loaded with delicious recipes!

And, I surprised my Mom and Grandma by taking a copy of this cookbook which has our recipe for Cinnamon Rolls/Cloverleaf Rolls that has been used for five generations in our family! It was published in this newest Gooseberry Patch cookbook. Here's the recipe including the tradition of the yellow bowl!

Do you have any treasures from your ancestors? I'd love to hear your special memories and about your treasures!


Katy said...

How fantastic! I love all your treasures!!! I am a total fan of slates and chalkboards!!!

And how exciting about the recipe being in the gooseberry patch cookbook!!!

Anonymous said...

Since i was a little girl when i stayed the weekend with my grandmother,I would snuggle beneath piles of homemade all handstiched quilts. What a comfort that grew to be. She recently gave me one of those precious treasures. It was made by my great grandmother ,whom i never got to meet. I was SO excited when she gave me this, what a gift and most love treasure!tammyp

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the vintage stuff!! How neat that it is part of your family's history. And Yay again on your recipe being published.

Wendi said...

Wonderful treasures! I have an old sugar bucket that was found in my grandparents attic. Not sure of the history as it was found after my grandmother passed on. I also have a quilt that my grandmother stitched. Great treasures for sure.

You were published in Gooseberry Patch again?!! That is awesome! ~Wendi

Anonymous said...

These are treasures indeed! The candy recipe book was from Aunt Honey -- one of the four elderly aunts known to me as "The Aunties." The question about her selling them is for Grandma as I don't know (but would like to!). I loved your surprise entry of our "Yellow Bowl Rolls" in the Gooseberry Patch cookbook. :)

Some of the family heirlooms that I treasure are my paternal grandmother's wedding ring (which I wear daily), the afghans crocheted by maternal grandmother, and the silver and china from Dad's grandparents (from the 1880s!). Thanks for sharing! Love you, Mom

The Stepford Stepmom said...

My parents have a wedding topper they used on thier wedding cake that was used on my grandmas and sister's as well. I also got from her the first cookbook I'd ever baked from about a year or so ago. My husband has a jar of jam made by his now deceased grandma, and while of course we can't eat it, we keep it as a decoration in the kitchen. :)

Amy said...

Wow, now you can say you are a published author too :) That is so amazingly cool! All of your treasures look so special. I am really digging those slates!

Elise said...

Oh wow!! What neat treasures!! How fitting the ones you got are.
I cannot wait to get a copy of that Gooseberry Patch cookbook. That is so neat that your recipe is in it!!

Mary Ann said...

We do have treasures. Every time, Andy's dad comes to visit and says he has treasures for us, I get really scared. You never know what he's trying to pawn off on us!!!

But among the good stuff- a very old Bible dated 1892, an antique desk, a cuckoo clock, handmade quilts from both of my grandmothers, hand crocheted doilies from my mom and grandma, some beautiful glass bowls from my grandma. I have a little red glass jelly dish that was my grandma's(she gave it to me when she downsized several years ago). I love using it since I remember seeing it on her table when she had company.

I love these old things!

rohanknitter said...

It's so neat to have some things like that. I have a doll quilt my great-grandmother made for me. I also have both my grandmother's cookie jars. I have many things from my dh's grandmother - depression glass, and a few small pieces of furniture from the 30's -- it's all very special.

Quirky Cottage Owners said...

A lamp purchased in 1880 is my treasured item. To see it and read about how it came into our family copy and paste this addy.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

All wonderful stuff. One day soon I will tell you about my family treasures.

GranthamLynn said...

Wow what a cool post. I loved the old quilt so neat looking.
And the recipe in a cookbook. Wow! Your famous! Yesterdays post was sweet too.

Jenny said...

Oh how fun! I love Gooseberry Patch. I'm a fan of green and red in my kitchen, and they have lots of Jadite!

Love the vintage chalkboards and alphabet cards, too. What a good idea! I used to teach first grade before I had kids, so I'm drawn to things like that, as well. I'll have to keep my eye out for those in the near future.

Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Rhonda said...

Great stuff- I too love the handwriting slates.

The recipes are so neat to have- and to have printed in a cookbook! its just wonderful how good cooking/baking was honored as a trait of the person- people talk about what a good cook someone was... such a great part of your family history to pass on.

My grandmother didn't have much left- but I have this glass pig that says "23 skiddoo for yours" on it- I treasure it.I have memories of her making pecan pie to sell at the diner.

Anonymous said...

My mother gave my a wooden spoon that had been made for her when she was a little girl by her grandfather. It is totally fragile- I can't use it - but it is displayed in my kitchen. She also gave me a wooden bowl made for my grandmother by my grandfather. She used it when letting her bread rise. I also have a wooden yoke that my grandfather made for my father when he was a little boy to lead a calf with. Also, one of my very favorite things is a cake knife that was my grandmothers.

My favorite piece of furniture is an old radio/record player that was the first thing my mom and dad bought when they married. It was never taken off the bottom shipping crate so I have left it on there as well. They were married in 1946.

These are all very old since my mom is 83 years old now. My dad died in January but would have been 83 in May.

I love old family things and my house is full of them. Not much material value but worth so much more in sentimental value.

The Liberty Belle said...

What treasures! I'm so happy that you were so richly blessed.

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

What wonderful treasures for sure!

Family O'Foxes said...

That is very cool. :)
(your families recipe in the cookbook).


Tara said...

What fabulous treasures! I can't wait to see what you do with those chalkboard cards!

I love your blog Monica!

Tara (I worked with you a few years ago and was so glad to find you on here!)

American Homemaker said...

I love all of your treasures... how fun!

Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate to have so many family heirlooms.

Linda said...

Don't you just LOVE those eggbeaters? I have looked everywhere for one of those, and after two years finally found one.. *lol*

They're soooooo much better and easier than any electric mixer....!!

greetings from holland!