Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pampered Chef

I'll be hosting a Pampered Chef party at my house on Saturday, September 6 at noon. If you live near me and want to attend, please e-mail me for directions or more information - or just come and bring a friend!

For everyone else, if you are interested in placing an order via the internet - you can visit my friend Kimberlee's site here. You'll need my first and last name for hostess info - so send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Kimberlee has just started selling Pampered Chef and I'm hoping to help give her a great start!



Brie said...

I loved Pampered Chef stuff! Hope you have a great time...wish I could join you both.

Unfortunately, I don't need anything at this time because I got a lot of it when I hosted my own show a month or so ago. Hope you get lots of goodies!

Send my best to Kim...I'm sure she'll do great at it! How neat that you guys live close to each other!

Anonymous said...

I love Pampered Chef. I'll see you then, Monica