Monday, August 18, 2008

A Cozy Day

My absolutely favorite kind of day is one that is gray outside. Gray and rainy. Gray and snowing. Gray and anything. GRAY! I love it! It is the ultimate in cozy weather if you ask me - perfect for staying home. (I know, I am in serious minority on this one!)

The lights inside seem to glow brighter, candle light looks fabulous with gray weather outside. It reminds me of when we were in France - the gardens there looked so beautiful and the flowers seemed more colorful than they do here. Why, I wondered? I think I figured out why - at least for me. The skies are gray very often and the houses are also very neutral. The only things providing color are the gardens! Here, we are bombarded with color!

Anyway, the point is it was gray and cozy. I decided when I got up to declare this a pajama day. We would stay in our pj's all day! I was the only one who wanted to - but that is ok with me!

We started our day with a yummy and cozy breakfast:
Fresh Apple Muffins, a cup of tea, milk ~ mmm, delicious!

Look at this cute tea bag rest my Mom sent me from Celestial Seasonings. One of these days, I'm going to plan a tea around this theme!

After breakfast, we read this lovely book:
The little ladies took their time getting dressed. We folded laundry and put it away. Then, we had a tea party! Oh, the girls were so excited! I sat with them and sipped "tea" and worked on a Christmas project (I'm planning a Handcrafted Christmas series here in September and October).
We snuggled together on the couch and watched a movie, played, I admired my farm fresh eggs! We cleaned out the fridge together. Next, it was time to fix lunch. A cozy lunch to me is a grilled cheese! And, I'd been wanting to try this recipe, so today seemed like a good opportunity.
The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

1 pkg. (3 oz.) cream cheese, softened
3/4 c. mayonnaise
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese
1 c. shredded Mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/8 tsp. seasoned salt
10 slices Italian Bread (1/2 inch thick)
2 T. butter or margarine, softened

Mix cream cheese and mayo until well combined. Stir in remaining cheese and seasonings. Spread about 1/3 c. mixture on one slice bread. Butter both outside edges of bread and toast in skillet until lightly browned. (From Quick Cooking, March/April 2000)

* I made half a recipe and I think that 1/3 c. mixture is too much for one sandwich - so this would probably yield more than five sandwiches. I know it isn't low anything, but it was a fun treat for today.

We read some more before naps and then the ladies headed off to slumber. I marveled at how much water had collected from all the rain and added my watering can to collect more!
I gathered my craft supplies and headed to the couch to watch a movie from the library. I can't remember how long it has been since I made some of my favorite notecards. I hope I never get tired of this craft, because these cards always make me smile!
What does a cozy day look like to you? What is your favorite kind of weather?


Katy said... sounds like an absolutely wonderfully cozy day!!!! I love days with a clear and crisp blue sky...with a small breeze. Ahhhh! Although, i do love a good rainy day when I have no errands to are right..they make the BEST cozy days!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite day is bright and sunny! If I have too many gray days together in a row, I feel very sad and down.
Ruth, PA

Tara said...

Oh I just love the day you had! It sounds just dreamy. These are my very favorite days too. I love cloudy/rainy, cloudy/snowy weather!! They always make me feel like lighting candles, baking, working on crafts, and now just snuggling with my little boy. I would also vote for a pj day!

Wendi said...

Sunshine days are my favorite, but they make me feel like I should always being doing something. I like a gray day because I don't feel so guilty if I say in and relax. You had the perfect cozy day! ~Wendi

Melissa said...

I'm with Katy - I love clear, crisp and breezy days in the fall. I love to open the windows and smell the fall air. This kind of day makes me want to take a walk, sit on the couch with a cup of tea and read, and do some baking. I do enjoy a rainy day from time-to-time as long as there is time for a good nap!

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely! I'm thankful that you had the freedom that day to declare a cozy day and that it was enjoyed by all! :) I wouldn't want a gray day everyday, but they are perfect for being cozy at home! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day. I am reading your blog as I plan what to do with my day. As it is the first day of school. My little guy will be with me alone for the first time since everyone got out of school for summer break. You have inspired me after reading your post.

Anonymous said...

I love dreary days too as long as it is not the norm. then I get stir crazy but I totally agree about the light lookin so cozy and the colors pop. I also love how fresh the earth feels after a much needed rain. What a quick planner you are. You turned a boring dreary day for the kids into something special and memorable.

Anonymous said...

You are makin me a believer in celebrating gray days!!! What a wonderful ways you used your time to cozy up. I look forward to your Christmas series too!!! A wonderful day to me (my favorites),being with my family,enjoying each other, good food, and relaxed times, laughing, talking, or just being. Christmas day here last year it rained all day and it was cold and we all just snuggled together in our PJ'S,no other obligations...lovely!!!tammyp

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

Gray is also my favorite, Monica. I did a post last week about my homekeeping journal that ran away with my pictures from the dreary morning outside...nothing looks more beautiful than my hurricane lamp lit up in the living room next to the window on a gray, rainy day. It's just so comforting, cozy and from another time. :o)

P.S. I do the same kind of notecards!! I love using my natural photos from around this area (we're in the country so it lends itself well to that) with brown, blank notecards that I pick up with 40% off coups from Michael's or AC Moore. Correspondence is one of my favorite things. If only I could keep up with buying stamps! And to think, we have a teen post office in this one-horse town and it's about 30 yards away, LOL.

Have a lovely day, mama!

Chrissy said...

I agree with you, Monica. I love to be safe inside my home with my family around me when the weather is gloomy and dark. Rain is fine, just no threatening weather like thunderstorms and tornado warnings, please.

Debbie J said...

I love the same kind of day. Here in NC it was gray and drizzly yesterday. I was able to get home from church and Mama's by 12:00 and then stayed in the whole afternoon. If I had my pick, it would snowy. I love to be snowed in.

mama k said...

I love snowy winter days when you are all tucked up inside near a crackling fire.

But for the summer, I prefer warm (not too hot) weather, puffy clouds to look at and if I can get there a chair by the ocean. Not sure if it's "cozy" but it's sure peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I love gray days too, especially with snow.

This weekend we enjoyed a sunny but not-too-hot day by sitting and reading and drinking tea on our patio. It was a great opportunity to enjoy our little garden and relax.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, looks like there is another point that we are the same! I really enjoy rainy,or snowy cloudy days, I get creative (I know I'm strange!)

Anonymous said...

I like rainy, foggy, "dreary" type of day. I also like the trees better in winter when they do not have leaves on them. I like to look at the trunk and branches. I reminds me of God's strength just by looking at some of his handiwork in nature. I think I am the only person I know who likes trees better without leaves than with the leaves.

One of my favorite ways to spend a day is to curl up on the couch with an old quilt, put on an old movie, and crochet the day away; however, with 3 boys, I hardly ever get to do that type of thing. For some reason, they think they still need lots of food- haha!!

Can't wait to see the craft projects this fall!

Amy said...

I love your new note cards! They look beautiful!

I love a nice drizzly day at home too. I just don't like it to drizzle when I need to go somewhere :) Those kind of days are best for being home and enjoying the quiet.

I am glad you were able to do that!

Jenny said...

A cozy day for me means candles lit all day and soup and homemade bread for dinner!

My kids enjoy listening to Jan Karon read Miss Fannie's Hat as they fall asleep at night. My mom gave them the set of CDs for Christmas last year. We love them.

Also, we have the same little red chairs! I found them at an antique store last year for $4!

Debra said...

I enjoy a gray day too. We have so much sun in AZ that a gray day is unusual. It is nice to give yourself permission to just hang out. Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite kind of weather is a gray and rainy day. Storms work too. Although, I never want anyone or their property to get damaged. Also, I always feel bad saying this to people because those that work outside or are delivery people, (like my dh), have such a difficult day. But when I wake up and its raining outside, I get a thrill.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, My favorite Day is Gray as well. My favorite color is gray. Many people think I am crazy for it, but gray days and gray in general seem to inspire a different set of emotions. And personally, it gives me the chance to reflect and really get in touch with where I am in life, and where I stand on lifes issues.

Anonymous said...

Living in Los Angeles, I yearn for rainy grey days. They are too far & few between for my taste but when they do appear they are that much more precious. Relentless sunshine can be just as tedious as non-stop rain.

Rain on the rooftop while I'm going to sleep is a beautiful noise!

~aj~ said...

I'd never really thought that much about it, but after reading this I realized that gray days are my favorite cozy days as well. You are 100% right about the lighting and candles seeming so much warmer inside when it's cloudy outside.

When it's a gorgeous sunny day, I sometimes keep our blinds closed to help keep the house cool in the summer. But when it's gray, I open every window we have and turn on all our lamps and light a few candles. It's always so, so nice.

Love your notecards, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Well, another area where we are kindred spirits Monica!
I absolutely love gray days. The harder it is raining, the better!!
My kids know this about me. If we get up in the morning to hard rain, the kids all tell me that it is a beautiful day "to you Mama!"
I open all the blinds so I can see the gorgeous rain falling!

Becky said...

Monica, my favorite day is exactly like yours. I love rainy, drizzly days. Makes me want to stay inside, in comfy clothes and curl on the couch with a good book. I love your cards that you many do you typically make? I might have to try that myself, instead of buying cards to send. I love sending and receiving "snail mail".

Mary Ann said...

I love rainy days if I don't have to go anywhere. I love to light candles, bake a treat, read and craft when it is raining or snowing. It just feels so homey!

Monica Wilkinson said...

I love knowing that others of you love gray days as well! Yeah for gray day lovers! :)

Becky - Before I had children, I would pull out my notecard stuff on a Saturday afternoon and whip out a whole bunch. Ahem. Now, my goal was 30 cards and I didn't even finish all those! But, I also tore out pages for envelopes and had to go through the magazines for pictures. I usually do this project in stages. In one sitting, go through the magazines. Another, make the cards and finally, make the envelopes.


Julie Willis said...

What a great idea with the note cards. I'm deffinately going to try this one. I was a bit jealous as a read of your tea party. I remember when my older chickadees and I would throw spontaneous parties..... I think we need to get the youngers into the habit!

Deb Burton said...

I just love reading your commenters. So many great ideas for spending time either relaxing by ourselves or showing our children how to use the best of any day. Now that my children are older (the two that are left at home)I sometimes reminisce about the tea parties and special days of just cozying on the sofa we had. but why do I feel those days have to be over? I just need to adapt, be creative and figure out how to recapture the feeling without being smarmy with my teens. Thanks for the incentive and the encouragement!

Lori said...

Monica - I love snowy days.We lived in Montana for a few winter months and are planning on going back next spring. I am a winter lover.Then comes spring.

*carrie* said...

You and your cozy days. =) Want to move here for the winter?!

Did you like the movie? I've heard mixed.

Calzones are in the oven--can't wait. I have to say that grilled cheese recipe sounds yukky. =) Love you!

Jennilee said...

Monica, I'm with you! I love gray weather for doing cozy activities! I love those crisp Autumn days too. And the sweet Spring ones :)

Your day sounds perfect!

Milissa said...

Hi Monica!

I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and I love it. Thanks for sharing! I also LOVE gray days...rain...I miss the rain,we don't get that much in VA (but I grew up in TN...lots of rain there.) I love snow, ice, etc. Any whether from Fall or Winter is my FAVORITE. My boyfriend jokes that my theme song should be "I'm only happy when it rains." Don't take that too literal, I'm happy other times, but gray whether puts me in an especially good mood and dear boyfriend swears he's never seen anyone else get so happy over "it might rain" whether. I never really understood why I like it so much, but I think you hit the nail on the head so to speak with your "cozy" description. The whether reminds me of lots of happy, cozy family memories and makes me want to create some more. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Monica, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and I love it! I also, love those gray days. I have never known how to explain it to someone else, but I think "cozy" is a great way to explain it. I agree, they are perfect days to bake, or work on crafts, or just be lazy and enjoy the day. I also love to just go drive around, out in our beautiful, Kansas, countryside. I live in the very southeast corner, probably 3 1/2 hours from K.C.

GranthamLynn said...

What an adorable day. From the tea party to the cards.
I love a drizzle kind of rainy day to stay in and cuddle or get to the sewing room.
I am glad you had such a fun day.

3boysmama said...

Okay, you are the first person I know who loves the gray! You TOTALLY have to come for a visit here to Seattle! Stay for a few days anytime between October and June and we won't disapoint in the gray department.

Janna said...

What a cozy day! I love gray, cloudy days - especially once autumn comes and there's a snap in the air. It makes me want to run outside and jump in a big pile of leaves! And being from the north, I love snowstorms! The big ones when it blows so hard that you can't barely see out your windows. Those are perfect days to cuddle up with my kiddos and enjoy our books!

Jen said...

I am totally with you! I LOVE rain and wind and SNOW!! People think I am crazy too but I love it for the same reason--it's cozy! Looks like you had a great day together.

Jill said...

I love your note cards.

I have so many Country magazines that I have had no clue what to do with ( I would NEVER throw them out).I have wanted to use the pictures for something and this will be perfect. I also had the idea to use the smaller pictures for gift tags, I have many Christmas editions that I will use for Christmas gift tags!!

Laine said...

I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love your blog. I just recently found it and I always am encouraged and inspired by reading your posts. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into giving us such great ideas! I just wanted you to know that I made some of those notecards. I love them! I gave some to a friend yesterday and she about cried she liked them so much. So thank was so much fun to make these and be a blessing! Here is the link to my post and pictures of some of my cards:

Unknown said...

Thanks for re-visiting you favorite notecards. I hadn't seen them before. I actually was able to make some to give to our VBS workers at church this week. It was great! And now I'm going through all my old magazines and making up gifts. Great idea! Thanks!!

Katey said...

I love the homemade cards! A post about them would be perfect for "Twice the Fun Tuesday" at my site

Twice the Fun is a weekly mr. linky about creative recycling that will start next Tuesday (Oct 14.) It would be great to see your post there!