Friday, June 20, 2008

Blueberry Patch

Wednesday, we headed out to a local place to pick blueberries! We were joined by my friend Melissa and her little baby! Thanks for going with us!

The set up here is great because the berries are free - you pick what you want and then you pick that many again. One batch you take home and the other you leave on their porch and they sell them. Labor is the payment for the berries you take!

I had grand ideas of getting twice as many blueberries and making it into a charming outing. And, overall it was fun. But, I don't want to pretend that everything is always charming around here. The girls were whiny, hot, crabby and tired. They did not want to help pick more than a few blueberries and I realized that we probably stayed too long for their short attention spans.

I know they are little - I know it was hot - ok, I'll move on. Also, I'm not complaining - just being realistic about our morning. My biggest concern is that they grow up with happy memories and not with memories of me growing frustrated.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Arriving at the blueberry patch.

Emily shows Rachel how to pick the blue ones leaving the light ones to ripen.

Picking berries.

I love this one!

I had packed this enamelware pail with bowls, spoons, blanket, hydrangea, towel and colander to aid in a fun snack!

I spread out the blanket for the ladies, flipped the pail over and set out the hydrangea. I tried to make it charming though things were falling apart around this time!

Banana bread topped with a little whipped cream and some fresh-from-the-bush berries! A big jug of water was really more of a draw for their attention!

When we got home and had lunch and naps started, I made Blueberry Jelly and this yummy Blueberry Honey Butter (shown above) and doesn't this Blueberry Lemonade sound good?!


mamabeck said...

Sounds like it turned out to be a lovely, memorable day (as the focus was not on "why can't you behave", but on "what can we do together")...BIG HUGS!!!

I wanted to tell you that your posting daily is at the perfect time for my lunchtime (Central European Time Zone), and it's the highlight of my meal. Like a friend making a short "guess what we did!" call. Love it! Thank you for being real and 'homespun''s very welcoming!
May God continue to bless!

Katy said...

That sounds great! I like how you shared how "real" it was too!
I love the pictures! Too cute! :)
Happy Friday!

Edi said...

I have many blueberry picking memories...I had 2 older sisters that could pick buckets full to my barely filled bottom pail. I think I was more interested in eating the berries than in picking them to bring home for later.

My mom would can blueberries (to be served on pancakes later)...bake blueberry pies...

Nothing says summer quite like blueberries!

Liisa said...

Oh I am so looking forward to berry picking! We still have a couple of weeks to go for strawberries and at least a month for blueberries. I love the idea of labour paying for the blueberries. I also loved your cute snack idea. I am going to do something like that when we go blueberry picking though I go with other ladies - my son REALLY does not enjoy going and really I don't know too many 17 year old boys that do! ~smile~


Anonymous said...

It is hard with little ones!!! I think the thing is building on your traditions year after year. They will remember these times as sweet. I know this was the way it is when ours were little and i look back as they do and see it as a tradition we all have come to enjoy, we remember the good stuff. I also remember the hot, and whiny and know can chuckle about it. Keep building those precious memories and traditions!!!

Anonymous said...

What darling photos -- even if everything didn't go perfectly, it was still a memorable outing together that resulted in some yummy goodies! And don't worry -- they will outgrow being little -- all too soon! Love the hydrangea sitting on the blue pail "table!" Love you, Mom

Shannon said...

I think we've all had times when we just had to scale way back on our plans and remember that they're just little. I appreciate you sharing that things don't always go "perfectly" with littles - but it was a perfect day for them. When they look back, they'll remember what was special about the day and they'll see the beautiful pictures and remember a sweet day with Mommy - not how hot it was.
I love your blog, btw!

Jessica said...

I will certainly try the blueberry honey butter recipe. I'm getting hungry!

I love the picture of you with the three children.

trish said...

Your blueberries look so yummy! What a lovely day you all had! You have a beautiful family. I have enjoyed reading your blog for several months now. I have used several of your hospitality and gifting ideas to bless others around me. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. ~Tricia Anne

Elise said...

Thanks for linking to the recipes-we are going to have to go pick blueberries soon. Love your transparency and letting us all know that not everything is as perfect as it looks. All that aside, it looks like a fun time. Love the blanket!!

Unknown said...

Yum. I love the pick for free thing! What a great idea. I always enjoy your outings and your "real-ness". I love outings like this.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful, fun day!

Anonymous said...

It's the fact that you are so honest and willing to share a "not so blissful" experience with us is what keeps me coming back to read your postings. You are a real mother with real ups and downs that we all have.
Blueberries are not ripe here until mid-August. Our son, living in Alaska, will be flying down this year with their two children just for the blueberry picking experience because he has such fond memories of doing so as a child with his own father.
Rita in Oly

Wendi said...

I love the way this place gets its "free" labor. What a great idea!

I often have the times when things don't go as I have planned. I find that if I try to not force my plan and just go with it then it turns out fine. Glad to know I am not the only one who has these times.

Unknown said...

It's always good to see "real." It looks like it was a good time by all even if the girls were getting a little wore out.

I'm actually coming to S. Carolina this first time to see the beach and I'm so excited. Who knows, I might be in your neck of the woods and not even know it!!

~katie~ said...

Hi Monica!! :-)

What fun ~ I love blueberries!!

I am just catching up on all of your wonderful posts ~ I'll try to leave a few comments.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lee said...

Sounds like our trip to pick blueberries last year. It seems like there is a fine line between prime and pastprime when the littles are concerned. :) I'm always waltzing over the line and pushing them a little too far. Especially when I've worked hard to plan a fun outing and when we *need* to get something done. *like pick berries*.
You are a wonderful mom.
Our blueberries are still half a month lucky duck.

*carrie* said...


Thanks for sharing these pix. Sorry it wasn't all charming! Love how you even thought to bring the BLUE bowls (of course I noticed!) =)

Tracey said...

What a great day! I miss picking berries!

rohanknitter said...

Well, at least it was fun for awhile, lol! I always think we're going to get more berries picked than we do..... even my big kids poop out on me when we've been there a while and it starts getting really hot. ; )

Lori said...

I love picking berries...any kind. It is always so much fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

The Necker Family said...

Hi Monica,
Love the pictures. Where was this patch. I would love to take my kids since they all like blueberries.

Sarah M said...

This is so sweet. What a fun little outing for your family! You have reminded me that we have a strawberry farm where you can pick berries in the summertime--I think we'll go this week! Thanks for your simple inspiration throughout the week of hospitality and kindness.

Jan said...

Oh Monica. You're very right about the memories being more important than the berries. I wish I could have done a bit better with that when my children were small. You'll still get that picture perfect blueberry picking memory, it just might not happen until the girls are a little older.

Anonymous said...

We just went berry picking ourselves. It was fun. I too love the blanket you showed in this post. Where did you get it? I don't sew, so if it is home sewn, I am in trouble :) Thanks for any more info and I love your blog.