Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Respecting Privacy

Just a quick note about blog privacy. Each of us have different comfort levels with what information we share on our blog. Some of us real names, some use code names, some of us give out our city and state or address and church name, some of us are more vague.

I've noticed through personal experience and reading other blogs, that sometimes when we know the other person in real-life, we can get more relaxed about what we share even in the comments. And, this can be an opportunity to share information that the blog owner would have preferred not to share.

I just want to offer a friendly reminder for not only my own blog, but the whole blog community. Please do not include city or town names, church names or last names of friends or family in comments. This puts the blog owner in an uncomfortable position of having to delete your comment or let their info remain on the comment. If there is any doubt in your mind about including a word or name in your comment, please do leave it out.

This is not directed at anyone personally, so please don't be offended. I just want us to be consciously respectful of one another and the information we share on our blogs.


Mary Ann said...

Totally agree, Monica. I tend to err on the cautious but not paranoid side of blogging and personal info. Some friends and family give out a lot of personal info on their blogs that I wouldn't be comfortable with on mine. But as you said, it's all about respecting each other.

Tania said...

I totally agree and have been concerned about this recently.
Great job wording this. (-:

Paige said...

Like that one time I let it slip that you're actually Mrs. Claus sand live at the North Pole? Eeeeks, that was a close one!

Brie said...


Thanks for posting this. I've had this happen to me a few times in comments, and had been debating about what I should do. Hope you don't mind, but I referenced you and posted your blog on mine.


P.S. I love your Proverbs 31 projects!

Katy said...

I totally agree with you!!!! :)

Amy said...

That's hard, isn't it? I almost wish I would have used code names in the beginning, for my kids. Blogs and privacy seem to be a tough combo.

Dianna said...

Thanks for the reminder. We shouldn't have to worry about sharing our blogs with people we know!

Anonymous said...

I find the issue of privacy and blogging is fascinating. Your post was very well put and touching in its sincerity. I am lucky that my i.ph blog actually lets me select who can read which post. Every article has its own privacy setting so I can pretty much select my audience. Not all blogs have this capacity and in such cases, prudence and good judgment should really be exercised. Thanks for a nice read. have a good day. Blog on!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you mentioned this. It is a good reminder for us all.