Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Garland

Since Mother's Day is this weekend, I wanted to share something I came up with recently. I was inspired by a text box shape on the front of a recent Country Living magazine and I had tons of glitter left from our pumpkins in the Fall. Anyone else have Martha Stewart glitter to use up? Here's an idea for you using the Cinnabar glitter.

First of all, print off one each of the following five pages on white card stock.

Next, outline the letter using white Elmer's glue:

Now fill the outline in pretty thick with Elmer's glue:
Cover with glitter:

Shake off excess and place back in glitter container to re-use:

Cut out shape and punch a small hole in each top corner:
Thread ribbon through and hang or place sticks from the yard or a craft dowel in a jar of sand or rice and use to decorate your table for Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! I think I might try something like this for the
4th of July!! As you know I too have tons left over!! did you still have anyleft over from this or did this use it up?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Oh my goodness, I still have TONS of glitter!

Wendi said...


I forgot to mention in my last comment that I have not received my swap package. Amy posted last Friday and said the she mailed it that day. I assume it will be here some time this week. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

What a great ideas....I think I'll have my students do this for their mom's. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love the bright red against the white!

By the way:



Andrea L.

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing this. I made it and it turned out great!