Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day In My Life, Day Five

Planned To-Do List:

Empty Dishwasher
Mail Out
Start Laundry (Strip sheets off master bed and Rachel's bed)
Girls Dressed
Pack girls clothes for weekend trip
Pack Samuel's clothes for weekend trip
Paint fingernails and toenails for Emily and Rachel
Sort baby clothes to return to Grace
Charge DVD Player
Pack my clothes
Activity Bags
Car Packed
Drive to NC

6:00: wake; finish Shepherding A Child's Heart; read chapter one: A Life That Says Welcome
6:50: e-mail/blogs
7:05: nurse
7:25: dressed, ready for day; strip sheets
7:40: girls up; sheets started
7:50: breakfast; empty dishwasher
8:25: sheets to dryer; start laundry
8:40: girls dressed; teeth; hair
8:50: mail out - ladies helped
9:00: vacuum
9:15: pack clothes for E, R, S
9:30: paint fingernails and toenails: Emily and Rachel
9:45: switch laundry; start charge on DVD player
9:50: snack/movie; Mama - fertilize garden
10:10: put sheets back on beds
10:20: watch end of movie with Emily and Rachel
10:40: nurse; sat in car while girls played in car (a fave play time for them)
11:20: fix lunch; naps; snuggle with Emily
12:10: clean up lunch; fold laundry; switch clothes to dryer
12:25: e-mail; blog
12:55: pack my clothes; start packing car
1:30: things started falling apart here, I was planning to read a book when I heard Emily crying in her room; I snuggled with her and read a book - she still did not go to sleep, and then Rachel woke up - so they both got up around 2; I sat on the couch and tried to continue reading while they played. It was crazy.
3:30: left for weekend trip


Catherine said...

I laughed when I read that your girls love playing in the car... my kids are mad on playing in the car, and it keeps them entertained for ages! And I thought it was just that they were a bit strange!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what young mothers are capable of in a days time. My children are all grown now,and my life is a lot more relaxed and less scheduled, but I do remember those days, and one thing I always scheduled for my own sanity was a nap! :)