Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clean Heart: Part Eighteen

Do my attitudes reflect a clean heart?

Most often, I'd have to answer, "no" to this question. I get easily frustrated with whiny and needy children, crabby at unfriendly cashiers and annoyed at interruptions to the plan I had for my day.

I remember a great message I heard on Focus on the Family years ago about attitude. The main thing I remember is that our attitude is a choice.

It is a choice I'm making when a cashier is grumpy to join her in that attitude.

It is a choice to allow myself to get easily frustrated with my children.

On this side of Heaven, I know I will not always choose a God-honoring attitude, but how can I choose it more often than not rather than the other way around?

I mean, frankly, sometimes it feels better to be crabby when I feel wronged or put out. But what kind of witness am I having for Christ when I respond this way? And, what kind of example am I setting for my children when I respond this way?

You can read more here about one of my experiences in this area. I'm also reminded of this Scripture:
Philippians 2:3-4, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."
So, how do you choose a good attitude? I look forward to hearing your thoughts...


Liisa said...

Thank you for this post...I needed it today!


Anonymous said...

thank you, what a great post! A little painful to read, but great all the same. Your posting and what you say is always so good. We need to hear this, but you are not preachy, I like that. Thanks

Jessica said...

Remembering to be thankful in everything and remembering what I truly deserve (nothing!) - both of these help my attitude.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I became frustrated at a Staples cashier who took my credit card to verify my signature, but didn't give it back to me at the end of the transaction. When I got to the next store and realized my credit card was missing, I panicked.
When I returned for my card, I was put-off when the cashier asked to see my ID before giving me the card. When my attitude got in the way, I neglected to notice that I also forgot to get the card at the end of the transaction, and she was asking to see ID to protect me and my card.
I was definately not Christ-honoring in my CHOICE of attitude. (I have already decided to go back in the store and apologize.)

Wendi said...

This reminds me of something my grandmother use to say when we had the grumpies ... "You will catch more bees with honey then vinegar." So true!

Many times I react to something and then regret my behavior.

My new phase is "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!" When things get rough in my daily life that is what I have started saying to myself. Reminding me that I can do this (life) with grace, dignity and kindness.

BTW... I posted my version of your Woman of Worth craft this morning.

Katy said...


You are totally right! I do try to keep my attitude in check..but i tend to get grumpy with my kids and hubby at times...and i read in a book last night something that really stuck with me that i need to remind myself...and i will probably make a post about it too: children are a priority..not an interuption. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That is good. I just felt this way last night in Walgreens. I didn't let me get too toxic but it trying after a long day of children and crying infants!!
Thanks for the post!!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Thank you for this. It is challenging and hits home. How do I choose a good attitude? Well, I don't always, but when I am desperately and continously (moment by moment) crying out to the Lord, that is when I see victory. When I get caught up in my circumstances and challenges and forget to rely on Him, that is when everything goes down hill....

Mary Ann said...

Attitude? Well, mine stinks quite often!

For me it is a discipline of the mind , a deliberate choice to choose to dwell on what is good, kind and lovely(Philippians)and continually asking God to help me get through the moment without saying or doing anything that I would later regret, whether it is with a willful toddler, my husband or a friend who said something off-handed that later hurt my feelings. My biggest struggle is learning to refrain from continually re-hashing events in my mind and then letting my negative thoughts totally put me in a funk. God is bigger than all this. We just need to let Him work. It takes a lot of time and discipline. I have a lot of work to do yet!

Monica, I have been loving your clean heart series. Some weeks it is hard to read and implement because the truth hurts! But it has been so good.

I know you've put a lot of effort into this and I thank you for it!

*carrie* said...

I can too often relate, Monica. Thanks for sharing your heart!

Charlotte Cushman said...

Great post Monica - I agree. char