Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Round-Up

Ah - so this is what I get for letting my hubby know how to get into my blog to post this! Just kidding, it's fine - yes, he has a great sense of humor as you've all figured out by now. So, onto my post for today...

If you're looking for a list of all Valentine ideas I've shared in the past and recently, I thought I'd combine them into one post to find them quickly.

Homemade Valentines 2006
Homemade Valentines 2007
Valentine Breakfast (and cute frosted brownies!)
Bless Your Husband Valentine
Heart Garland
Flower Lollipop Valentine
Be Mine "Wheel"
Valentine Picnic
Valentine Hearts
More Valentine Fun
Chocolate Heart Pancakes
Valentine Wreath
Valentine Tree
Bottle Valentine
Valentine Napkin Rings
Love and Marriage Tea

While we are still talking Valentine's Day - I got an e-mail from Matthew Mead regarding the Valentine Tree:

Thanks for working hard to make this project... it is beautiful and I really admire your finished product. Happy Valentine's Day... Best, Matthew Mead

Isn't that exciting!?!

Thanks to all who have inquired about baby Samuel - we are doing well, still getting into a new routine and enjoying the time while my Mom is here. I'll look forward to catching up more next week. I've just been posting things I already had ready!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!


The Stepford Stepmom said...

I just wanted to wish all of the bloggers that I read regularly a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

I loved your projects for this year, and they for sure got my mind working. :)

Happy V-Day to you and yours!! :)

Wendi said...

Very cool that you got an email from Matthew Mead!

Happy Valentine's Day!

*carrie* said...


You go, girl! That is so fun that MM e-mailed you!

Amy said...

WOW! What an honor, Monica! To get an email right from Matthew himself. So amazing!

Thank you for all your hard work- your ideas were amazing!

Cheyenne Nichols said...

Happy Valentine's Day! What a sweet husband too.

I thought you might want to know I mentioned you in my blog. You inspire me so much.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Matthew Mead emailed you...maybe you two could tag-team craft projects. Would that be fun?!?!